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So many things in society today are counted as or referred to as influential Not disagreeing with anyone about what's classified as influential but for something to be truly influential it should have an impact on life and people today The Black Death proves that The Black Death also known as the plague took over 75 million lives overall and was a very gruesome disease Many symptoms were as followed swollen lymph nodes coughing blood fever fatigue delirium black boils and vomiting The list goes on and on but there is a major mystery that comes along with the plague what caused it There are several theories and evidence proving those theories but there currently isn't a solid answer as to what caused it The Black Death is influential today because of the following three reasons The social effects of the Black Death on everyday life Impact on churches and faith Advances in the health of people today The Black Death was the cause of over 75 million people causing friends and families to be split Many centuries passed before the total population was able to restore back Whipps stated Whipps livescience com 2497 black death changed world html With the loss of over 75 million lives the bodies piled up on the side of roads and streets leaving a permanent image in the survivors of the plague

That caused people to realize that people who were infected were basically already dead People of today realize the separation of society living and the dead but people then didn't truly understand what it meant until they saw their loved ones dying or already dead It caused a significant impact on people's minds and hearts Along with the loss of so many lives the work in each community was affected There wasn't as many laborers workers so the whole economy had a down spiral Because of the economy being in such a bad state that it was in as Streissguth stated law required employers not to pay too much in wages and merchants to sell their goods for a reasonable price They used this law to help gain control over the changed economy in hopes that it would restore back to its original state The Black Death had an enormous impact on churches and the people attending the churches faith Many people ran from church because they saw the plague as a punishment from God The ones that stayed often questioned why God was doing this to them causing them to question their faith with God But they stuck by their church hoping their preachers priest could help them with this tragic plague but were failed As Ziegler said medieval man had felt that his church had let him down Ziegler 260 He was right their church had let them down they put all their faith and trust into their church and were faced with the truth that their church couldn't do anything for them Also their faith was tested in the process of all this happening 

They put their full faith and trust into God and their preachers priests and when they were let down they had to determine if they were going to keep faith and trust that everything would get better Even though the deadly plague had no mercy on anyone it infected The health in people in the 13th century was alright until they got a bad disease or they got a terrible sickness that resulted in death But them being infected by these terrible diseases and sicknesses helped us in a wonderful way In some way almost everyone is related to someone in that time and because of that it has caused most people of today to have the ability to fight off more diseases than our ancestors of the Black Plague time Jimenez stated that Recent studies have found that descendants of Europeans who survived the plague had their genes altered to make them more resistant to disease Jimenez listverse com 2015 01 28 10 good things we owe to the black death What he's saying in that statement is people who are descendants from survivors of the plague have genes that changed mutated so their immune system is stronger causing them to be more immune to disease than others In addition to that there have been many medical advances since the plague Now modern medicine can prevent and cure more diseases and sicknesses today than in the 13th century In conclusion the Black Plague is very influential to life today With everything it put people through the day it started till the day it ended has had such an impact on so many things For example it has helped shape the people faith and the medical world to be what it is today Even though there were many lives lost because of the Black Plague without it s influential impact our society would not be what it is today The Black Plague is influential on life today for three main reasons The view people take on life today as well as the impact of so many lives lost that worked Impact of people's faith and trust in their churches as well as their faith in the leaders of the churches Lastly the many medical advancements in society today including the improved health of people

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