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Bloch is a dancewear company with many product offerings including leotards shoe warmups and more This advertising campaign will focus on one particular leotard Ebo Ebo is a leotard offered in black featuring a halter top with lace detailing around the neckline and within the straps on the back The benefits include a stylish classic look with a light airy feel for comfortable dancing Situation Analysis Product Analysis The Ebo delivers a classical ballet line with breathable materials The lace detailing is a unique look for a dance class and the low open back will allow for more comfortable movement The material has quick-dry properties to aid in longer classes and rehearsals The main issue is that the leotard is hand wash only which may cause concern for some consumers The product value is fairly represented by the price of 48 00 USD The unique mix of fabric different style and high quality warrant the price Adequate distribution channels are available through the Bloch website various dancewear websites and various brick and mortar dance stores Quality control can be maintained through various inspections and highly regarded guidelines at the factories and through the shipping channels Prime Prospect Identification

The prime prospects include female professional dancers and dance students with annual household incomes over 25 000 Prime prospects will be medium to heavy users and will be national brand loyal national brand deal or national brand switchers The lifestyle segments most likely to purchase the Bloch Ebo will include American Dreams The Cosmopolitans Connected Bohemians Domestic Duos American Classics and Metro Grads Prime Prospects Problem Analysis The prime prospects identified for the Bloch Ebo need a leotard that is durable easy to move in and fits into their uniform requirements if they have any They also need sufficient support and clean lines They want a leotard that is stylish unique and comfortable They also want a leotard that is affordable Competitive Atmosphere and Market Climate The main brand competitors for the Bloch Ebo are Capezio Natalie and Mariia The Capezio Diamond Halter Leotard Natalie Powermesh Bodice Halter Leotard and Mariia Danila Leotard are the specific product competitors These fall into the category of leotards and in the subcategory of halter style leotards All prices are competitive except for Natalie which is slightly cheaper All the leotards come in black except the Mariia which is an important consideration for class uniforms as they often do not allow color Each brand focuses mostly on print advertisements and social media for promotion Advertising Spiral The Bloch Ebo is in the newer competitive stage of the advertising spiral Bloch began in 1932 and has well established itself as a leader in dancewear especially leotards

The leotard industry has also been well established and competitive since the mid to late 1800s Bloch is in the process of getting more consumers to buy the Ebo through its advertising campaign Creative Objectives and Strategy Advertising Message The advertising message should convey what the Bloch Ebo has to offer This includes the leotard being comfortable providing classical lines and breathable The message may also convey the quick dry material which is important to the prime prospects Specific copy claim 1 Classic look Comfortable fit Specific copy claim 2 An elegant breathable leotard for captivating audiences everywhere Specific copy claim 3 Classic lines breathable material fit for a princess 30 Second Television Commercial Script VIDEO AUDIO 1 LS PROFESSIONAL FEMALE DANCER IS REHEARSING THE PRINCESS AURORA ACT III VARIATION FROM SLEEPING BEAUTY WEARING THE BLOCH EBO LEOTARD IN A DANCE STUDIO FOR 10 SECONDS MUSIC The Sleeping Beauty No 28c Pas de Deux Variation I plays for first 10 seconds at full volume then fades to background 2 MS DANCER CONTINUES VARIATION WITH THE CAMERA FOCUSING ON HER UPPER BODY ANNCR Dancing like a princess may be difficult but looking like one is easy 3 LS DANCER CONTINUES VARIATION WHILE YOUNG DANCE STUDENTS CAN NOW BE SEEN WATCHING FROM THE DOORWAY ANNCR The Bloch Ebo an elegant breathable leotard for captivating audiences everywhere 4 LS DANCER FINISHES VARIATION WHILE YOUNG STUDENTS CLAP FOR 3 SECONDS MUSIC Song ends after 2 seconds Young students clap enthusiastically for 2 seconds after song ends 5 END FRAME WITH BLOCH LOGO AND WEBSITE ANNCR

The Bloch Ebo available at Blochworld com and through most dance retailers Ten tested guidelines for an advertisement The first guideline of keeping things simple is utilized through showing only one main character the professional dancer and how she is admired by the students The second guideline of selling benefits is used through the announcer stating the elegance breathability and captivation derived from wearing the leotard The third guideline of using sex to sell is not portrayed because it is not appropriate for this advertisement The fourth guideline of using a celebrity is partially utilized because the main character is a professional dancer The fifth guideline of using color is not fully applicable to television advertisements as the focus is more on movement The sixth guideline of going with the flow is used through following the main dancer and the leotard throughout the commercial until the logo and branding appear in the end frame The seventh principle of avoiding ambiguity is demonstrated through the clear message of the how the leotard will benefit a dancer The eighth principle of heightening contrast is partially used through contrasting the professional dancer with young students although it is also partially applied through using a black leotard in a dance studio with white walls The ninth guideline of using children and animals is utilized through the young dancers watching and applauding the professional dancer The tenth principle of making copy inviting is used because there is not a lot of copy in the commercial and it is placed cleanly at the end

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