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This chapter deals with background of study statement of the problem purpose of the study significance of the study scope and limitation definition of key terms Each section is presented as bellow Background of the study In translation realia are words and expressions for culture specific material elements According to Grit 2004 p 279 realia are concrete unique phenomena or categorical concepts which are specific for a particular country or culture and which elsewhere have no or at most a partial equivalence Conveying realia in translation is not easy because the translator needs to express the historical and national color of the realia along with its objective meaning Grigor eva 2006 According to Florin 1993 p 123 realia are words and combinations of words denoting objects and concepts characteristic of the way of life the culture the social and historical development of one nation and alien to another Since they express local and or historical color they have no exact equivalents in other languages The term realia is Latin for real things and in translation studies is used to refer to concepts which are found in a given source culture but not in a given target culture Leppihalme 2011 p 126 This is due to the fact that cultures construct reality in different ways According to Leppihalme 2001 p 139 said lexical elements words or phrases that refer to the real world outside language

The researcher is interested by the title of An Analysis on Translation Strategies for realia used by J K Rowling in translating realia in Novel Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone because the researcher intends to analyze strategies of translation realia The researcher wants to know how typical strategies that used by the translator Novel Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone is the first novel in the Harry Potter series and the author J K Rowling first published in 1997 by bloomsbury This novel to tells that about the life of a young wizard Harry Potter and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley They are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry In this story Harry Potter wants to defeat a dark wizard his name Lord Voldemort become immortal The researcher chooses this novel because wants to know how typical and strategies used by translator This novel contrast with the other novels because this novel bestselling novels in history the novel also gained popularity a commercial success in worldwide The novel has sold more than 450 million copies including in Indonesia This novel consecutively set the bestselling novel in history So that researcher want to find out how the typical strategies that used translator to translate the novel Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone from English version to Indonesian version

A previous study about translating realia was conducted by Nurlaily 2014 She just analyze about strategies that used in translating realia in Heather Webber s novel Truly Madly She finds the dominant strategy which is used in translating realia is maintenance strategy The similarity that the researcher found from the previous study is about research design both of the research used qualitative research design and found strategies translating realia in a novel But the differences from the previous study is the researcher only focuses on analyzing one strategy of realia So in this current study the researcher want to analyze two strategy of realia in the novel Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone 1 2 Statement of the problem Based on the background of the study some problem which are research will be formulated What is the strategies of realia used in translating novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone How are the typical strategies of realia that used by translator in novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Objective of the Problem Based on the problem the objective of the problem is to explain the strategies realia and to know the kinds of typology in translating novel Harry Potter and The philosophers Stone then identify the typical strategies that used by translator in novel Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone 1 4 Significance of the study This study is expected to give some advantages as follows Students This research for students to increase and develop knowledge about the various strategies in translating of realia Mainly students in English department Lecturer

This research expected to be used as additional from various sources in teaching on the translating of realia especially about strategies Further Research The researcher expected to further researcher to learn more about the strategies The researcher suggest to conduct a research same topic but different object of study such as film music comic magazine English Department of UMM This study is expected students English Department of UMM can be useful for learning in translation Mainly about for translation realia 1 5 Scope and Limitation The scope in this study on the object that is novel Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone and this research focuses on translating at realia strategies and typology 1 6 Definition of key terms This key terms is taken from some experts are defined as follows 1 Realia is a terms used for those phenomena concepts Grit 2004 p 279 2 Translation typology culture as way of life and its manifestations peculiar to one speech community Newmark 1988 3 Translation strategy of translation involve the basic tasks of choosing the foreign text to be translated and developing a method to translate it Routledge 1998 p 240 4 Harry Potter and The Philosopher's stone is the first novel in Harry Potter series and the Author J K Rowling Prints the fifth and sixth of December 2000 Prints the seventh of June 2001 The National Library Catalogue In Publication KDT

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