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Process Definition Phillips 66 Ariba TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Summary 3 2 Landscape Components 3 2 1 SAP Ariba 3 2 2 SAP Aribas Cloud Integration Gateway 3 2 3 SAP Process Integration Middleware 3 2 4 SAP Business Suite 3 3 cXML 3 4 Requirements 4 4 1 Goods Purchase 4 4 2 Non PO Purchase 4 4 3 Material Credit 4 5 Process Flow Visualization 4 5 1 Goods Purchase 4 6 Process Flow 4 7 Change History 4 8 Business Approval 5 1 Summary This document describes the design for the processing Phillips 66 orders electronically through the Ariba network directly into our SAP Business Suite Currently customer orders placed through the Ariba network will generate a notification which is sent to a group mailbox maintained by group When this notification is received group will login to the Ariba network web portal to view the order details and manually key the order information into our SAP system Due to the increased number of orders being received from customers using the Ariba network a need automatic reception and processing of Ariba network orders is required Automatically processing of orders from the Ariba network requires a connection between our SAP Business Suite and the Ariba network and the ability to transmit communications using the cXML protocol While we have established a connection between the Ariba network and our SAP Business we have yet to finalize the reception storage generation and transmission of cXML documents 2 Landscape Components

The connection between our internal SAP system and the Ariba network is made up of four main components 2 1 SAP Ariba Ariba is a cloud based business to business B2B network that offers tools for collaborative e commerce between buyers and suppliers As an online marketplace Ariba gives buyers the ability to consolidate their procurement process for efficiency and cost saving while offering suppliers a streamlined fulfillment process and exposure to new clients Document communication between a buyer and supplier can take place solely through SAP Ariba s web interface or through SAP ERP connected to the Ariba network 2 2 SAP Ariba s Cloud Integration Gateway The Cloud Integration Gateway CIG is a solution offered by SAP Ariba to connect a back end SAP ERD system to the cloud based Ariba network Features include connectivity testing to ensure successful transmission of communication business rule validation to ensure that transactions align with buyer s requirements and transaction tracking 2 3 SAP Process Integration Middleware SAP Process Integration is a middleware that allows integration between SAP and non SAP applications and is used for exchange of information between systems and parties 2 4 SAP Business Suite Our internal SAP system 3 cXML cXML is an open protocol intended for communication of business documents between procurement applications e commerce hubs and suppliers

Ariba applications use a specific implementation of the cXML language To successfully interact with Ariba applications through cXML we must implement the particular cXML behavior of those applications Trading partners back end systems must be able to map data either to or from the cXML documents The default configurations of these systems do not always have the data or formatting necessary for the cXML protocol Even if messages are well formed cXML the actual data within these elements might have many variations Additionally parties may wish to communicate information that is not standardized in the cXML protocol Therefore the use of Extrinsic elements may be employed which requires collaboration with trade partners to ensure accurate data mapping cXML documents travel between geographically disparate applications through corporate intranets and the public Internet To keep business data confidential and to protect against unauthorized access cXML enabled applications support secure communication Secure communication is made possible through two mechanisms document encryption and document authentication Document Encryption Applications encrypt cXML documents before transmission by sending them through HTTPS connections HTTPS is a secure form of HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol that is supported by mostWeb servers and Web browsers It protects network communication by encrypting data so that unauthorized parties are unable to interpret it cXML Document Authentication Applications authenticate received cXML documents to check their validity Authentication ensures that each document is from a recognized organization Because cXML enabled applications communicate through the Internet they must perform authentication on all received cXML documents to prevent unauthorized access 4 Requirements 4 1 Goods Purchase 

A standard purchase made by a customer through the Ariba network Once received in our SAP system a sales order is created and an order confirmation is sent back to Phillips 66 Once the order has been shipped a shipment notice is sent to Phillips 66 An invoice is then created and sent to Phillips 66 4 2 Non PO Purchase A non stand purchase made by Phillips 66 through the Ariba network Often in regard to a time constrained contract with one or more deliveries throughout the contract s life 4 3 Material Credit A notice of a material credit being made to Phillips 66 5 Process Flow Visualization 5 1 Goods Purchase 1 An order is placed by Phillips 66 through the Ariba network This order is sent by SAP Ariba s CIG to our Middleware in cXML format No changes are made to the cXML document during this transition The document is then passed from our middleware into our internal SAP Business Suite The cXML document is translated 6 Process Flow 7 Change History Date Author Changes Made Version 1 10 2018 Ben Brooks Document Created 8 Business Approval

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