Essay Example on This essay will look at the effect that the refugee crisis has had in Germany









Aim This essay will look at the effect that the refugee crisis has had in Germany with specific emphasis on the integration of the refugees the economic impact and the political effect When addressing the integration of the refugees in Germany there will be a focus on the tasks that both the German government and the german population have had to take in order to achieve the integration of migrants the development of the integration of these refugees and the opinion by the German population I will explore a wide variety of sources and media outlets in which different points of view have been voiced about the refugee crisis The second part of the essay will focus on the economic impact that the refugee crisis has had in Germany Under this section this paper will look at the integration process into the labour market the positive and negative effects in the economy the quality of the jobs given to the migrants and the short and long term effects expected Finally this essay will elaborate on the political effects with an emphasis on the latest elections and the consequences they have had on the refugees the responses by the German government and the german population amongst any other things 

Throughout this essay I will also focus on discourse analysis related to my topic with specific importance to why I am using certain media outlets and how media analysis gives me an inside look into the German perspective in this matter BACKGROUND The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR describes a refugee as someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution war or violence They most likely cannot return home or are afraid to do so Although the media has named it the refugee crisis this growing influx of migrants is made up of both refugees and asylum seekers The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation UNESCO describes an asylum seeker as someone who has applied for protection as a refugee and is awaiting the determination of his or her status Asylum seekers can become refugees if the local immigration or refugee authority deems them as fitting the international definition of refugee Since 2015 there has been a growing inflow of refugees and asylum seekers in Germany making it the country with most refugees in the EU An article found in the Financial Times reveals that more than 1 4 million people have applied for asylum in Germany since 2014 which make up more than the 43 of the total applications for asylum in the European Union In 2016 applications were at the highest of Germany's history reaching around 92 000 people Although some are just in Germany for a short period of time the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development OEDC has confirmed that the majority of these asylum seekers are expected to stay in the country for a long time 

The media is of great importance because it grants a detailed understanding of how political economic social and cultural developments in different areas affect the world around us As opposed to official documents from the government media outlets help administer a more personal and critical point of view of current events effectively giving us an inside view of the issue Using the German media as one of my main sources for this essay will help me get a more strategic and analytical perception of the situated roles and limitations of communication in the refugee crisis The growing arrival of asylum seekers and refugees in Germany has had a social economical and political impact that can be clearly seen in the media which demonstrates Wunderlich and Warrier s 2007 theory illustrates that migration is challenging the preconceived notions on society and internally homogenous cultures 559 without quotes Proposed methodology The methodology that I will use to conduct this research will be discourse analysis This methodology falls under the category of textual analysis which according to McKee s theory enables researchers to understand how cultures make sense of certain events and how they fit into the community they live in This essay proposal aims to address the debate within the german civil society by adopting a discourse analysis methodology Chouliaraki s theory illustrates that discourse analysis poses the question of how to analyse culture not as a question of behavioural variables or objective social structures but as a question of understanding culture from within In order to achieve so this paper will look into several media outlets in order gather the necessary information to understand the current issue on the arrival of migrants and refugees from within the german culture 

Collecting information from sources such as official documents from the german government or different newspapers provides a widespread of opinions from the german community on the refugee crisis This paper will hope to find the dominant representation of migrants and refugees in the news through media analysis For the purposes of this method of research I will have to use a translator in order to get a suitable meaning on what the german media is trying to communicate To obtain the best results I will need to examine documents that are written in German and due to the language barrier I will be in need of a translator After examining several methodology theories in order to carry out the research for this paper I came to the conclusion that the most fitting method would be textual analysis This methodology allows me to have an inside look into the german society and identity Ultimately textual analysis is a toolkit to analyse the media and those who want to disclose a certain message in order to try and convince audiences to think in a certain way

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