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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 it s the 10 duel commandments This is a quote from the famous play Hamilton Dueling is used when two men have a major disagreement and to keep their honor challenge each other to a duel Dueling originated in England with nobles and when colonists moved to America the tradition moved with them although in America common people also dueled as well Understanding why people dueled and the etiquette is very important Although it is not legal now nor was it ever legal people can apply this to their own life by apologizing and having friends or seconds around Code Duello is the handbook with all the rules Rule 13 states No dumb shooting or firing in the air The challenger shouldn t have challenged Duelers are also not supposed to use dummy bullets or agree to only shoot in non vital parts of the body Rule 15 says Challenges are never to be delivered at night unless the party to be challenged is to be leaving the place of offence before morning This is to prevent stupid fighting and hotheadedness If someone was challenged to a duel they had to accept to save their honor If they didn t they would be stripped of their honor and shunned But there are many ways to prevent the shooting First the challenger and the offender will find a time and place with no rules since this is against the law

This will usually be done by letter but is also done in person When the day of the meeting arrives the first thing they will do is see if either of the two will apologize If this is done properly they can prevent anything after The only rule is that the offender must be the first to apologize But if the offender apologizes in a mocking tone or offends the challenger further there can be no going back until right before the duel This is usually the step that most duels end This is because one or the other person does not wish to fight Although if this does not succeed more precautions are to be taken Next the seconds get involved The morning of the duel the offender and the challenger will bring a friend to the sight of the duel The friend is called a second The second has the most important role of the duel They dictate if the duel will proceed or end The main role of the second is to resolve the problem but if unable to make sure everything is fair Although some other roles of the seconds are loading the gun in front of each other calling the doctor if their duelist is shot and to help the doctor escort them to the nearest hospital Rule 18 states The seconds load the gun in front of each other and Rule 21 says Seconds are there to attempt to reconcile before the meeting Seconds and the doctor are to turn around for the actual duel for deniability Seconds are like lawyers in a way Their job is to protect and get justice to their client If seconds don't finish the matter it goes to the next step Many people have died from this step Code Duello does not fully approve of this step But it is the end to many duels Before the men fire though they both will write one final note to their family in case they never meet again Code Duello reminds its readers 

Duels are meant to resolve and save honor not for killing Many of the people who duel are not killers just two men who have a major disagreement and want it to be resolved Rule 22 tells us Any wound sufficient to agitate the nerves and make the hand shake must end business for the day before the shooting starts the seconds meet and try to negotiate one final time If even this doesn t work then they load the pistols in front of each other and give them to the opponents Then the two men dueling stand ten paces away from each other and wait for the command 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PLACES FIRE The two men must fire within 3 seconds of this command or it is considered dishonorable They each are able to fire once This ends business One knows a duel is over when both parties walk away satisfied or one has been shot The person who has killed the other person goes back to the city If that person does not get out of the city soon enough they will be put on trial since this is illegal After shooting someone else they will lose every chance that they ever had The first duel that ever happened in America was with swords on Plymouth in 1621 by two servants Although pistols were the most common weapon they were very hard to shoot with even for an experienced shooter Lastly duels hardly ever happened between women but when they did happen they were usually watched by amused men who wanted bloodshed Now duels almost never happen in America but in poverty stricken countries it is not uncommon The hope is that someday there will be no need for duels anywhere Fradin Dennis Duel Burr and Hamilton s Deadly War of Words New York Walker Publishing Company 2008 Grabianowski Ed How Duels Work How Stuff Works 22 June 2005 HowStuffWorks 11 Jan 2018 https people howstuffworks com duel2 htm Roxburgh Ellis History s Greatest Rivals New York Gareth Stevens Publishing 2015

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