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This is a world in which robots are used instead of human beings for the companionship Science is the major factor in the transformation of our lives In the previous era technological achievements were not in our approach but now in this modern world these are in the grasp of a human being In this age a man travels throughout the space and the genetic engineering has made the revolution in the world through its wanderers A man has made progress in nuclear but this is the age of war and everyone is snatching from others Global warming the arms race and war situations are upbringing chaotic factors in this age However despite this advancement man is alone These all efforts are fruitless because it makes the existence of humanity a question Man produces everything for his comforts but poverty disease and destruction still persists in society The control of the natural world is useless for us because our society is dominated by insecurity and enhances the feeling of loneliness and separation Alienation is a term which is mostly used for the meaning of estrangement separation the aloofness of one person to others or with the society First of all Hegel and Karl Marx came across the concept of alienation 

He has mentioned the concept of alienation in his work Phenomenology of Spirit Hegel has approached the problem of alienation from an internal point of view by way of consciousness but Marx has complained that Hegel has treated alienation as something that remained at the level of consciousness and did not stress its external causes In contrast to Hegel Marx has focused on the problem of alienation in its social cultural and economic context but not at the level of consciousness in the Phenomenology of Spirit For Hegel alienation leads towards the spirit of self consciousness In alternative words conscious obtains its existence through the manner of the method of alienation In various consciousness found in the Phenomenology alienation occurs when consciousness becomes distant from it or separates in itself However consciousness continuously renewed with alienation which means conscious is reformed with alienation Initially Alienation attains between the individual and others and then this alienation overcomes by the surrender of the self and thus achieved unity The concept of alienation is if truth be told regarding the total method and activity of spirit which is the description of the activities of all human producers Marx has explained his indulgent of alienation in his early work he has used the term estrangement and externalization

These are the basic concepts for understanding Marx's philosophy of alienation Marx has praised Hegel for two things initial for his understanding of dialectic as self creation of man as a process and for his thought of labor Hegel's conception of alienation has been criticized way more time by Marx than any other thinker Marx conception of alienation has made Hegel s perspective easier for our understanding According to Marx the Hegel's notion of alienation is associated with inherent part of the structure of the movement of Spirit With dialectic movement in nature this is an expression of Spirit Through this process of reconciliation alienation could overcome and Spirit would be free Marx criticizes this process by saying this is merely an act of thought For Marx various kinds of alienation in the Phenomenology are nothing else but forms of consciousness and self consciousness Phenomenology of Spirit Both these two philosophers think differently about human activity According to Hegel the expression of Spirit is that through folk which individually produce a culture and this act by people On the contrary Marx has focused on the idea that spirit is also a creation of human being human beings are a true mediator Marx sees Hegel s term of alienation as mystification as a result of Hegel sees the roots of alienation at the amount of consciousness On the hand Marx claims that the roots of alienation are within the materialistic relationship of labour and his product Alienation means separation from someone with whom she or he is attached and it may be a family friends groups place or society or any other relation 

For Marx it s man s dehumanization his estrangement from alternative fellow beings or maybe from his own labor This term has its roots in Latin usage in connection with the condition of unconsciousness and loss of one's mental power From the psychological point of view it means abandonment loss insanity and derangement of mental faculties According to Marx the alienation of the worker in his product means that not only solely that his labour becomes an associated object assumes an external existence however that it exists independently outside himself which it stands against him Marx distinguishes clearly between externalization and the alienation of the product According to Marx the alienation of product and labour has the direct consequence that man is alienated from other men Marx's analysis of alienation reaches the fundamental level when he connects it with the theory of class domination Domination of ruling capitalist class over working class creates another side of alienation Working class s alienation is that they lose their independence and the capacity of self realization

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