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Different readers from different time periods interpret a text I have selected the time period in which this ad was made 1940s and 2017 as the two different time periods This variety of interpretation is a recurrent phenomenon in literature there is not any literary work that is interpreted exactly the same way by different readers and in different time periods The interpretation mainly depends on the context and some other factors in which the reader reads the piece of literature Readers also base their interpretation on different themes that are in some way related to the context in which they read As one can tell from the logo this image is an advertisement of an American fast food restaurant called Hardee's back in the 1940's One could tell that Hardee s is probably a quite successful and well known eatery in America and that the audience of this advertisement was likely to be a vast number of customers Thus it makes it even more difficult to believe that the advertisement of this popular fast food restaurant would contain such sexist contents and that the biased message is conveyed in a very direct way The husband is wearing his jacket and hat giving the impression that he just got off of work The wife is wearing heels and an apron standing by the sink filling a pot of water or doing dishes

This is stereotypical because the woman stayed at home all day in the kitchen cooking cleaning and taking care of the child while the breadwinner husband was off working The words on the advertisement make the advertisement give an even greater stereotypical message The main headline of the advertisement says Women don't leave the kitchen This statement in itself portrays an extreme message It says that women are constantly in the kitchen slaving to serve their family This statement paired with the photo demonstrates the typical stereotype for women The audience of this ad can be men in general and also maybe for the people who create ads for food companies because the methods in which they promote their bands might be incorrect For example the line you don't have a little miss waiting for you at home then you can have something freshly prepared at Hardee s The word little miss makes things more controversial for someone who reads it in the present time instead of using the word wife little miss has been used and this would today be surely considered hugely inappropriate and this ad portrays women as servants The first line of the text makes things more intense because it clearly directs the attention of the readers that a woman s primary job is to do household chores The sexist content of this advertisement is obvious from the title which is women don t leave the kitchen and the language that follows Many assume that females will eventually fulfill the stereotype of bearing a child meeting its needs completing everyday household duties and attending to their husband Putting women into such stereotypes not only directs peoples attention to gender oppression but also gender inequality Women do a majority of housework simply because of their gender The way in which people interpreted this ad during the 1940s was a lot different than it would make now The norm that society has created for women to do the handful of household chores has constructed a place strictly for females This so called place put women in a category that limited them to only to be seen as objects that merely complete chores and cater to their husbands The fact that this place exists and people recognize images and phrases pertaining to this place emphasizes how popular this term is in describing how women are stereotyped to strictly be housewives and nothing else 

Women within this stereotype also do not seem to have a voice to be heard rather they stay quiet and do their housework as it it s not hard labor If the text was viewed now in the present time it would have been immensely controversial because things have changed a lot for women today than it was in the 1940 s and we can see there is less gender stereotypes and gender inequality than it was before Women today have higher positions in society For example in companies you can find women having high statuses like CEOs Women who stand outside of the housewife stereotype go unnoticed because the media rarely shows independent women women who are powerful women who are single and successful The husbands presented as masculine hard working type while women are these fragile beings who need to stick to their role of being a housemaid Not all women want to cook and look after children or do house chores not all men word day and night and have high positions in their society men looks after children and do house chores while females work too So overall this ad made in the 1940 s would be more controversial now than when it was a common one There are many people who stand up for women's rights and yes there is still gender stereotypes happening even in the most famous company ads but women aren't just cooking and looking after children now like they did before and roles for men have changed as well The text would differ in that it would today arouse an outrage and would have to be immediately withdrawn and a public apology would be made by Hardee s This is because today's world has evolved in a more progressive place that is on its way to recognize as a vital part of the professional upwardly mobile workforce

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