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This year I participate in the community service In this activity I am responsible for helping students study standard Mandarin and help the teacher do sort of things Since I've already finished Mandarin 12 I can use my experience and the understanding of Mandarin to better assist the students At the beginning I just helped the teacher print some worksheets and marking some papers Because of my proficiency in Mandarin I always finished marking papers very quickly Since I had nothing to do I decided by myself to go through the papers again and did some corrections along with some comments Last year I've taken the Mandarin 12 and I know sometimes due to the busy staff the teacher cannot go through every student's homework word by word and sometimes we just got a finished mark At that time I felt a little bit sad because I really spent much time on my homework That's why I decided to mark every student s homework very carefully and gave some examples like why they can not use the grammar in that way under some specific situations 

All the things I did are not the things the teacher ask me to do and because all the papers I marked are just students homework after marking those papers I would give those papers back to the students directly the teacher did not find this thing to be honest I was afraid that she would blame me make own decision without her permission This situation lasted some time until one day when the teacher recorded the completion situation of students homework at a glance she saw my great length comments she didn't blame me Surprisingly She checked every paper I corrected and then looked at me with appreciation As if she wanted to encourage me since then she allowed me to correct students tests with trust Because Mandarin is a language subject some tests even do not have a perfect correct answer especially the composition part that's why the teacher always let me do some easy things before After some time because the teacher became very busy and she thought I was capable to be responsible for some more important things 

She asked me if I could help her find some materials like some videos or articles to help the students become interested in this language instead of just considering Mandarin as a subject which they only need to get a good mark Since then I often discussed with the teacher and gave her some suggestions like students should learn the ways which mandarin speakers currently speak Mandarin instead of the old language habits appearing in the textbook Actually it works Although the languages are not the same people are always sensitive to some new things The way of speaking Mandarin which is used by the youth is obviously more interesting and be more attractive for students to learn it Following this idea the teacher used my suggestion to introduce some contemporary slangs to the students In this way more and more students in the class show their interest in this language like speak mandarin as much as they can in this class Personally I often use my leisure time to find some sources which are good for Mandarin learners to be familiar with this language In fact when I was in my Mandarin 12 course I often collected some sources and then shared with my classmates 

So it's not a big problem me for to do the same thing for the students I am assisting for Besides the materials I prepare for the students I also have my own method to let them memorize the reason why some word should be used in some specific ways Sometimes just in case they didn't understand why the right answer should be like that I will draw some corresponding pictures to explain it Besides as a Mandarin teacher the teacher is also an ESL teacher Sometimes I am also responsible for giving some ideas to the teacher such as the composition topics and some interesting ways which are fit for English beginners to study English I m very glad to be a member of community service I learned a lot from it and had an opportunity to take the initiative to perform myself Although this activity just focuses on school s students through the process I have a lot of new attempts Due to the fact that learning a second language is a hard process and it is very different from the native Mandarin speakers to learn their own language I put much effort into the preparation of the classes I always studied the materials I prepared for a while and then decided if it was fit I've finally realized the significance of commitment since I took participation in this activity

I have learned many important lessons through the experience as a teaching assistant Now I can plan a variety of different ways to best help Mandarin learners understand and using analogies and practical examples to let the students who want to master Mandarin I have learned the ability to create the ways which let people accept a concept more quickly and impressively This has allowed me to improve myself in all aspects of my life Moreover through my initiative and breadth I am able to motivate and work with diverse My language advantage has prepared me for international business cases at Ivey I know many people know how to speak Mandarin but my advantage is to help my team members to learn Mandarin quickly when necessary I hope I can develop my potential skills while attending Ivey

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