Essay Example on This year in cyber cafe I took an AP World History on Khan Academy









Cyber Cafe Essay This year in cyber cafe I took an AP World History on Khan Academy I took this because I was interested in Greek history and this the closest option to that I completed 4 out of the 6 units 600 BCE 600 BCE 600 CE 600 1450 and 1450 1750 The last two units were very short though I learned how the world came to be through dynasties empires and wars This doesn t apply to my future career but it was interesting to learn about I discovered how societies succeeded and prospered There were many different subjects to learn about and this essay would be way to long if I explained all so I will just talk about some of my favorites To start and the main reason I took this course was the classic Greece lesson I learned about the Greek god family tree in depth which was the most interesting and this is because people of Greece practice polygamy Also the classic wars between cities like Athens Sparta and Thebes Ancient Greece was comprised of hundreds of essentially independent city states Communities were separated by mountains hills and water Ancient Greece was more like a network of communities with a shared religion and language that sometimes led to a sense of common belonging Despite these cultural commonalities affiliations between city states were loose and short lived The Delian and Peloponnesian Leagues for example were dominated by one strong city state Even as Greeks colonized the Mediterranean and Black seas new colonies while recognizing a mother city state were largely independent Many classic plays in America also take place in Greece Next I enjoyed learning about the spread of Islam 

This was about the split between the Sunni and Shia branches of Islam Sunni believed in the prophet Muhammad while Shia believed his cousin Ali was the prophet This caused a schism or a religious split in the Islamic religion From the ninth century to the twelfth century Islamic culture flourished and crystallized into what we now recognize as Islam This spread of Islamic culture was facilitated by trade missionaries and changes in the political structure of Islamic society As a result we encounter multiple different interpretations of Islam across many different Islamic societies The Abbasids massive empire spanning over four thousand miles was impressive but very difficult to maintain Ultimately the highly centralized Abbasid caliphate fragmented into multiple smaller independent political structures These new political structures diminished Abbasid power It was perhaps this political decentralization and destabilization that led to the spread of Islam beyond the massive Abbasid empire s borders Regional rulers who did not have to manage such vast territories were able to expand more fruitfully in single directions For example the Fatimids and Berber dynasties in North Africa were able to expand into Sub Saharan Africa and the Ghaznavids stretched farther into India Similarly I learned about the great schism in Christianity This was caused by The Crusades that took place in Europe and is the reason Christianity has so many branches today 

Finally I learned about ancient India The Indus River Valley Civilization 3300 1300 BCE also known as the Harappan Civilization extended from modern day northeast Afghanistan to Pakistan and northwest India Important innovations of this civilization include standardized weights and measures seal carving and metallurgy with copper bronze lead and tin Little is understood about the Indus script and as a result little is known about the Indus River Valley Civilization s institutions and systems of governance The civilization likely ended due to climate change and migration In conclusion I did learn a lot from this class I feel like we should offer a class like this but I learned I hate online courses and would never do cyber school There were no test so I don t know how well I would ve done if the grade was actually based on the class I would not take another online course in the future which is good to know He h to prove that this was a good thing and not the way to make it more difficult for me and the prophet of the law to prove the wrong way to be the way I was the way yyyyyy said that this is the legal age to be the prophet and that is not a living order of war to prove that this was a legal war that would prove to his own law that would prove to his own law and law of legal law that legal legal law would prove to his own law and law of legal legal age legal legal and legal law legal and legal age legal law law that legal law law is known to legal legal and religious rights and the prophet not the legal definition for law that is the prophet or not to be a prophet and legal definition for a prime law that has eluded the law and law of legal age and the prophet not the legal law and law of legal definition a war and the law is a living wage and a legal law of the prophet or a prime example

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