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Throughout history there has been many murders ranging from a single victim to multiple homicides Murderers either slowly cause pain to the victim or kill carelessly Most killers commit murder due to personal troubles for adrenaline rush or simply for the enjoyment of seeing their victim die John Wayne Gacy was an individual that found pleasure in raping and murdering his male victims March 17 1942 in Chicago Illinois the soon to be serial killer John Wayne Gacy was born Mull 2 Gacy would attend four different high schools during his senior year Mull 3 Struggling he never got to graduate and dropped out He moved from his hometown Chicago for Las Vegas Nevada Mull 3 He worked part time at Palm Mortuary a funeral home as a janitor Mull 3 Gacy moved back to his hometown a few months later Mull 3 Early 1960 s he enrolled into a business college Mull 3 He soon prospered a talent for salesmanship Mull

3 Graduating from the school he worked as a trainee at Nunn Bush Shoe Co in downtown Chicago Mull 3 Gacy married during this time Future serial killer was arrested in 1968 for his first crime Mull 3 His wife filed a divorce soon after the sentencing Mull 3 Serving 18 months he was paroled in 1971 Mull 3 Mr Gacy would remarry but on March 1976 his second wife would soon divorce him Mull 3 Before his arrest he was well known as an owner of a remodeling business Gacy was a Democratic precinct captain who threw annual parties New York Times 1 Gacy was very active in the community also he was a successful contractor at the time He had an obsession of sexual tension towards males in order to attain the hunger he would lure males to rape and kill each one Gacy s murderous spree would begin 1972 and last 7 years New York Times 1 The victims would be handcuffed then wrapped a rope around their necks and tightened it with a few turns from a wooden stick New York Times 1 

Each time victims would end up strangling themselves while struggling New York Times 1 During this 7 year time span Gacy murdered and raped 33 young males Mull 2 Early December 1978 police force started to suspect Gacy He was the last person seen with the boy before he turned up missing New York Times 1 Gacy realizing detectives were getting closer to the truth he confessed to police about his murders He would soon draw a map locating 33 young men he has killed during the last 7 years Mull 1 Out of the 33 victims 27 of them were found buried beneath his house New York Times 1 Four victims would be found nearby rivers New York Times 1 The murder trial of Gacy began February 6 1980 It took place in Cook County Criminal courts in Chicago The prosecution would bring in 100 witnesses to testify Mull 4 Prosecutors would reveal that Mr Gacy lured young males to his ranch house near O hare International Airport New York Times 1 Later Mr Gacy admitted to dumping five victims into the Des Plaines River Mull 4 The jury concluded he raped and killed each victim but the killings began in 1972 Kifner 1 With his first victim picked up at a bus stop and his identity is still unknown Macintyre 1

The five week trial would soon come to an end Once the closing arguments were given the jury deliberated for a couple of hours They found him guilty of the rapes and murdering of the 33 victims Mull 4 Gacy was convicted of more homicides than anyone in American history at the time Mull 1 March 13 1980 he was found guilty and sentenced to death by lethal injection Mull 4 He was taken to Menard Correctional Center He would spend the next 14 years in prison Kifner 1 For his execution he was transported to Stateville Penitentiary Mull 4 Gacy was scheduled for execution at 12 01 am Mull 4 May 9 1994 he had his last meal fried chicken French fries coke and strawberry shortcake Mull 4 May 10 1994 just after midnight he was declared dead Mull 4 His killings caused him to be well known 

During his early life he would love to dress up as a clown for parties The pictures were worth a decent amount of money for being a well known murderer Macintyre 1 Gacy would receive many letters more than any other person on death row Macintyre 1 He would reply to 27 000 people just to stay in touch with his public Macintyre 1 His execution became a ritualised cathartic moment Macintyre 1 The marketing of T shirts paintings Gacy became a lucrative industry Macintyre 1 Gacy grew all of the fame from his numerous homicides

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