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Throughout Lord of the Flies William Golding illustrates a theme of descent into savagery As a group of British boys get stranded on an island the loss of humanity that the boys undergo will soon cause destruction Although most people still consider that man is essentially good Golding's use of children and the evil actions that take place can prove that man is essentially evil As society's standards disappear savagery takes control of Jack which reveals that man is essentially evil Jack s character transforms from rational to obsessive because society's standards were being ignored as the savage acts occurred As the mask is held up Jack began to dance and his laughter became a bloodthirsty snarling Golding 64 Jack sees himself as a new more powerful leader with the mask Since the beginning the mask symbolizes the hiding of people s true identity almost as if Jack needs the mask to cover up the person he is and to let the person he wants to be come out Not only is Jack obsessed with the idea of hunting he is infatuated with the blood that comes along with his prey When Jack first murdered the sow he felt respected and powerful Jack exaggerates that there was lashing of blood Golding 69 which proves that he is thirsty for the blood of his kills As Jack leaves the choir and joins the hunting group all humanity is lost Up until Jack realizes the power he has gained over Ralph and the others he was cooperative with the rules that were made like needing the conch in their possession to speak At the assembly that took place after Sam n Eric saw the beast Jack was screaming wildly as he says See See That's what you ll get I meant that

There isn't a tribe for you anymore The conch is gone Golding As the conch which once had power over everyone was destroyed all of the boys humanity was lost which led to destruction on the island as well as destruction between the boys themselves Jack knew the amount of power that the conch had over the situations that occurred like the assemblies He would negatively compare Ralph to piggy saying that He s like piggy He says things like piggy He isn t a proper chief Golding Jack desperately wants to be the controller of the boys and his jealousy of Ralph contributes to the power that Jack overtook from Ralph At the beginning of the story all the boys took a majority vote on who should be the leader from either Ralph or Jack When Ralph was granted with being the leader the boys split up into groups the hunters and the others Jack felt that he would be a better leader than Ralph which caused many arguments between the two boys Jack s acts of cruelty contributes to the evil state of nature that man has When the boys first went on a hunt in the story Jack swiftly pulled back his arm with his knife raised ready to kill the pig As he was raising his arm higher he took a long pause a pause was only long enough for them to understand what an enormity the downward stroke would be Golding 31 Throughout the long pause the boys saw society for the very last time on the island After this Jack says that the next hunt there will be no hesitation as if the hunters should have no mercy against the pig Golding starts off the next hunt with explaining how innocent and carefree the sow was As the hunters torture the sow

Golding uses negative words that show the cruelty act of rape In society not only is the act of rape highly frowned upon humans aren t seen as humans anymore because of the awful action that occurred As the boys catch up to the Sow that was running for her life Jack was on top of the Sow stabbing downward with his knife Golding 135 Not only was Jack part of the killing of the sow he was also apart of other killings in the story In chapter eleven Jack had stolen Piggy s glasses so Piggy went to confront him As he gets there boulders start tumbling down crushing Piggy in the process When Simon was alone he realizes that the Beast was actually a human with a parachute but as he tried to explain to the boys that there is no beast they started attacking him Golding writes There were no words and no movements but the tearing of teeth and claws Golding Without Simon there to keep some sort of sanity on the island total savagery takes control of the boys As the destruction comes to an all time high the boys have a chase except this time it's everyone against Ralph Jack starts a wildfire on the mountain to smoke out Ralph to kill him Although it was always a rule to keep the fire lit it was always controlled and was not big enough for anyone to see to rescue them When Ralph finally couldn't take the smoke he ran out on the beach and standing there was a Naval Officer Seconds pass after seeing the Officer and the boy have been brought back to civilization While the boys are realizing the destruction that happened they break down in tears finally showing society's expectations of children or little boys As society's standards are ignored savagery creeps in proving that man is essentially evil

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