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Informative Speech Outline Specific Purpose To inform my audience on sexual assault and harassment in Hollywood INTRODUCTION How many of you have heard the name Harvey Weinstein I m sure almost everyone here has heard about him and his long history of sexual harassment and assault Whether you hear it on the news or read about it on social media or the newspaper it s hard to NOT hear about it I would like to talk about how it all began and the women who came forward to tell their story I will talk about how these horrible acts started the Metoo movement as well as the Time s Up movement I will also talk about how someone can bounce back from being sexually harassed or assaulted BODY 1 Who is Harvey Weinstein He was a big time movie mogul who produced lots of movies and ran a very successful company called Miramax with his brother Because he was in such a successful powerful position he abused his power by taking advantage of young women and either promised them a career in Hollywood if they had sex with him or he would threaten to ruin their careers if they didn t do what he wanted or if they would report him 2 So how was he able to get away with it for so long 

Even though it seemed as though everyone in Hollywood knew this dirty secret about Harvey Weinstein people were afraid to speak out against someone who was so prominent in this industry Sexual harassment in Hollywood has gone on for decades with people in power getting away with these abuses 3 Why are people coming forward now After a few brave victims came forward with their accusations against him it opened the door for others to tell their stories Harvey Weinstein so far has 84 accusers From there the floodgates opened and other well known celebrities in the industry have been taken down by allegations of sexual abuse or harassment This ripple effect in Hollywood is now called the Weinstein effect TRANSITION Now let s take a look at how the Weinstein effect has created positive movement in Hollywood and beyond Accusations of sexual harassment and assault have involved a number of well known powerful celebrities such as Kevin Spacey Louis CK Matt Lauer James Franco to name a few 1 Consequences of these accusations Everything that Weinstein lost wife business awards sponsors Criminal charges are being filed against him in several cities Louis CK lost his show endorsements Matt Lauer lost his long term job on the Today show Kevin Spacey was immediately removed from the show House of Cards He was also removed from a movie that was done filming and was reshot with another actor in his place Women and men have been coming forward in other industries including government private industry high profile executives 2 Metoo movement is bringing worldwide awareness to huge volume of women and men who have experienced sexual harassment 

Me too march just happened in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday where thousands of people came together to show their support of victims of giving victims a voice and saying they won t take it anymore It is a movement to help women come out with stories of sexual assault and stand strong against this behavior 3 The Weinstein effect has also triggered another movement called Times Up The Times Up movement originally started in 2006 However because of the Weinstein effect it has resurfaced A legal fund has been set up to help women men LGBT and people of color in Hollywood and the workplace to deal with sexual assault and speak out against harassment Times Up is also addressing the difference in pay between men and women TRANSITION So moving forward what s next What can you do if you are sexually harassed or assaulted 1 Moving forward we need to address the problem not just put a bandage on it and call it fixed Victims of assault need to report it Report it to you manager your employer law enforcement an attorney Sexual harassment behavior won t go away if victims are afraid to speak out 2 There are laws in place to protect you from retaliation in the workplace If you report sexual harassment to your employer it is illegal for them to get rid of you for reporting this If your boss fires you for reporting sexual assault you can turn around and sue them for lots of money Know your rights and your options CONCLUSION Harvey Weinstein and others have committed assault and harassment and there is a lot of work that still needs to be done to stop this behavior These crimes becoming public have sparked positive movements Victims now have a voice the courage to speak up Hollywood seems to be taking fast action against those who have been accused The MeToo and Times Up movements are gaining speed around the world and people are coming together to fight harassment History is in the making with these movements and shining a bright light on this terrible behavior that needs to stop because time s up

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