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Specific Purpose To inform my public speaking class about the Bahamas Central Idea Because of common interest about other countries in the world I decided to inform my public speaking class about the Bahamas Introduction l What do Millie Bobby Brown and I have in common The number 11 It's her character's name on the Netflix series Stranger Things and for me it represents the amount of times I ve been to the Bahamas To answer the question you re all asking yourself NO I never went to Atlantis ll The Bahamas is a pretty cool country lll Since I have visited the Bahamas a total of 11 times and done approximately 3 projects on it I decided I was qualified enough to tell you some things about it IV Today we re going to talk about how their music religion and cuisine make it one of the coolest countries to travel to in my honest opinion Body I The Music of the Bahamas is unique and often tells a story A The music made in the Bahamas is done so with different instruments that in turn create a multitude of different sounds 1 Goombay music is made with a large drum Bahamian secular music is played on a goatskin drums 2 Back in the 1800s when Africans were first brought over to the Bahamas they played music on whatever they could find such as a carpenter's saw and pork barrels with goat or sheep's skin 3 When I went to the Bahamas two Christmas ago I found out that this man who played a drum outside of the market still makes drums using the skin of goats he raises B The Bahamians believe in telling a story with their music 

1 The songs sung tell stories about broken hearts the holidays celebrated and the islands beauty 2 The biblical and historical songs sometimes issued warnings and were used to inspire others 3 This woman named Abbitha would sing a song about her granddaughter who died when she was 5 while should would braid my hair every single time I went to get my hair done Transition Now that we've learned a little bit about the music Bahamians listen to and create let's talk about something else that's super important to them Religion ll The Bahamas national religion is Christianity They have different denominations and also celebrate designated holidays A The denominations of Christianity are practiced widely 1 32 are Baptists 20 are Anglicans 24 belong to Protestant groups such as Methodists the church of God Presbyterians Seventh Day Activists and members of the Salvation Army 2 19 are Roman Catholics 3 I was given a cross by a woman on the side of the road who wished that I would be blessed with a safe journey back home B They have designated Christian Holidays 1 Good Friday friday before Easter Sunday 2 Easter Monday Monday after Easter Sunday that marks the beginning of the beach pickining for Bahamians 3 Whit Monday Seventh Monday after Easter Sunday marks the end of the Easter Cycle and the beginning of the public witness of the Easter church

4 Christmas Day Transition Who doesn't like to eat food and drink some yummy drinks The Bahamas has both lll The Bahamas is a place to eat fresh food and drink yummy drinks A The Bahamas is known for its fresh food 1 Seafood is a staple item in the Bahamas Conch is a popular dish that can be eaten raw when spices and lime juice are added to give it that extra kick Fresh fish is often boiled and served with grits 2 One soup unique to the Bahamas is souse It's made of water onions lime juice celery pepper and meat 3 Conch fritters are a MUST at Sharkeez in Nassau Seriously they're so freaking good B The Bahamas is a drink destination 1 The Bahama Mama is one of the most popular drinks Many bars in the Bahamas have a different take on the drink but it's all just a different version of the same rum punch The basic list of ingredients is as follows ½ fl oz of rum ½ fl oz of coconut flavored rum ½ fl oz grenadine syrup 1 fl oz orange juice 1 fl oz pineapple juice and 1 cup crushed ice 2 The Bahamian Refresher is coconut water blended with sweet milk and gin 3 I had a pina colada in Nassau that changed my life I still find myself thinking about it sometimes Conclusion I I honestly hope that I managed to entertain y all somehow The Bahamas is so much more than sparkly beaches and cruise ship ports It's a country just like ours and one that is cherished by Bahamians the way the US is cherished by us II With all that we talked about today I hope y all learned a little bit about the music religion and cuisine of the Bahamas III Do y'all remember how at the beginning of this talk I told y all that I had been to the Bahamas 11 times Well Im going again in March so cheers to round 12

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