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To Rome with Love What do we think of when the name Woody Allen is mentioned First of all one of the greatest director and person of highest importance to the whole Hollywood Industry His movies are widely known and one after another becomes greatest romantic comedy in his career Indeed romantic comedy is something he has mastered throughout so many years of directing In the long list of Allen s achievements we can find three movies that seem to be a little different than the rest These are Vicky Cristina Barcelona Midnight in Paris and To Rome with Love Altogether they are called European Trilogy To Rome with Love is the main theme of my analyze I would like to consider in next lines of this review Woody Allen s trilogy is remarkable for the exploration of culture society and stereotypes of the place that story takes action in His movies are not much of a surprise to the viewer and they do not have most original plot twists or shocking endings

Thus when we start to watch it we immediately more or less start to like it All of the three movies are built upon a simple storyline with one or few plots in it Does it all lessen the joy and pleasure of watching them Not at all Simple story hence thoroughly different in each case Let me focus with the rest of this review on To Rome with Love movie This one evokes some familiar feelings Have we not seen something like that Few storylines completely different that do not refer to each other at almost any point in spite of all of them take place in the same city Indeed there are few romantic comedies or simply comedies that are constructed in that way Nevertheless this Allen s movie is different The story he presents is divided only into four different plots with wholly different characters who have to face obstacles of different kinds Two of the storylines contain Italians and two of the others Americans I would like to analyze this movie according to in my opinion most important plots one with American Jerry and one with Italian Leopoldo I learned quite a few things from these two stories mostly about stereotypes of these two nations In my opinion these storylines play the role of clear juxtaposition between them and draw a panoramic view of two different cultures The first plot is focused on the typical American citizen who travels to Europe with his wife Played remarkably by Woody Allen himself Jerry is a stereotypical American that has views which reach nowhere beyond American borders This type should be called conceited American according to Tocqueville s range Jerry is shown as constantly complaining self righteous and ignorant materialist as he prefers that his daughter marry a rich Italian rather than a communist Eurotrash He is prejudiced towards his daughter s boyfriend and all of his family 

He thinks of this boyfriend as a communist and is not fond of his father s occupation Jerry reflects this typical narrow minded American In the movie we see how confident he is of Giancarlo s bright future as an opera singer which later happens to be a great failure of him His confidence of his own genius makes him ridiculous and big headed It is like he is living in his own world It is funny how Jerry s character is juxtaposed with the character of his wife who on the other hand is really open to new experiences and tries to enjoy every moment of their trip to Rome The second character is presented in a typical comedy plot Leopoldo is a stereotypical Italian man husband and father who lives casual middle class and non stress life in the city of Rome His life changes dramatically when he becomes a celebrity for doing nothing more than waking up and going to the work This plot is full of absurd and funny little details It is the most enjoyable part of this work Here Allen gives us the contrast to an American citizen Italian with all of his vices Loud over expressive in love with family romantic organized obsessed by fashion talking with his hands and much much more Most of it is cleverly shown in the plot of Leopoldo This storyline is in fact a great example of satire on the whole idea of being celebrity in our times This is for me the most intriguing and important theme beside love It shows the irony of being a celebrity and how easy it is to become one and to suddenly lose this fame Allen moved this very common motif and successfully shows it through the prism of the culture of Italy Nevertheless it is such an universal depictment and can be applied everywhere One particular scene I like mostly It is one of the final images where Leopoldo being not famous anymore becomes hysterical and acts as crazy right in the middle of the street of Rome just to get noticed by anyone Hillarious as it seems to be on the other hand hides an important and not so positive message This scene shows that even though fame and idea of being a celebrity is wearying and cumbersome human brain thirst for it When one gives it a try there is a constant need for being in the spotlight

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