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Republic government system Germany's Current president is Frank Walter Steinmeir since March 19th 2017 Along with Germany s Chancellor Angela Merkel Over the past 100 Years Germany has not been in the same conditions it is in today In 1933 the Nazi Germany period had began from being under a dictatorship from the most infamous Adolf Hitler Germany was being controlled nearly in all aspects of life by the Nazi Party Germany was completely transformed from the failing Weimar Republic government to a Totalitarian state under Hitler s rule 6 billion Jews died from Hitler s dictatorship and Nazi Party better known as the Holocaust After Hitler committed suicide with his wife Germany then surrender over to the Allies During the Cold War Germany was divided between East and West Germany The east was formed as a Democratic Republic with its leadership dominated by the Soviets while the economy stayed stagnated because it was organized to meet the needs of the soviets While West Germany was formed into a Federal Republic with a capitalist economic system Germans had little to no voice in government during this period of time 

After a while East Germans were beginning to be dissatisfied with the life of communism the west then became a gateway for them An average of 2 000 East Germans would cross over to West Germany everyday Many of the people being professionals skilled laborers intellectuals and e t c This was a huge devastation to East Germany s economy The Soviet leader Nikita Khruschev recommended to East Germany that if you close of the access to crossing then there will be less devastation in East Germany By 1961 from Khruschev idea East Germans then began to build the Berlin Wall in order for East Germans to leave to the west Many of East Germans still tried to escape to West Germany but they were caught and many were killed After 30 years of having the Berlin Wall East Germany finally decided to tear the wall down and that was the fail of communism in East Germany in 1989 East and West Germany no longer was separated they were together Germany was apart of many alliances and agreements One of the most famous agreement they were apart of was on September 27 1970 Germany and two other countries signed the Tripartite Part Pact which later on became better know as the Axis power The Axis Power ended about as soon as Hitler committed suicide Seven days after Hitler died on May 7th 1945 Germany surrendered over to the Allies breaking their Tripartite Part Pact Also While Germany was split into East and West Germany they both were admitted as full members of the United Nations on September 1973 When the two countries came together on October 3rd 1990 they were just one member of the United Nations Misc Information Germany s government system today is a Democratic federal parliamentary republic 

Germany s capital is Berlin and their president is Frank Walter Stienmeir While the Chancellor of Germany is Angela Merkel What life would be like in Germany Well when you re 18 you get the right to vote and even in some states in Germany you can vote when you re 16 years old and municipal elections The Currency in Germany is Euro because they are a member of the European Union 1 Euro in Germany equals one dollar and twenty two cents in America so it s just a little bit less money in Germany The ethnicity in Germany is not to diverse Germany is predominantly 91 5 Germans Turkish 2 4 and the rest of the percentage is made up largely of Greek Romanian Polish Italian and Syrian The GDP is 3 479 trillion and the GDPs growth rate is now up to 1 9 The obesity rate is 22 3 in Germany while their death rate is 11 7 out of a 1 000 percentage of the population Overall Germany is a great place to live since East Germany and West Germany coming back together Conclusion In conclusion Germany is a current member of the European Union so in terms of relatability to Europe they are fitting in perfectly They have allowed themselves to make a connection with twenty eight other countries They also happen to fit in very well with the world too because they are a part of NATO NATO gives them a strong connection with counties that could potentially help them out in tough situations They also fit well into the world by being a member of the United Nations Some strengths are Germany's growth rate keeps rising and they also have Low structural unemployment also Germany Europe s industrial powerhouse and the world's second largest exporter a country whose economy has single handedly stopped the eurozone falling back into recession and the only nation rich enough to save the euro Anderson Richard Some weaknesses that come into play with Germany are the obesity rate is going up in Germany and Germany does not have a widespread ethnicity Germany is still building and becoming better since 1945 each and everyday it's becoming a better place to live

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