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Today in the world eating meat is a normal everyday action for most with little to no thought given towards the process behind it There is a hidden world behind the meat industry which can be unlocked by whomever wishes to see beyond the surface Sadly many people do not want to open that door because deep down they know eating meat is a moral issue and do not want to face the facts It is time people stop showing a blind eye towards the horrific acts behind it Eating meat is a cruel life ending act towards animals everywhere and a massive moral issue To start most animals that are being used for meat production are exposed to endless insanely cruel and unthinkable abuse and torture The companies and media do an amazing job with convincing the consumer that this abuse never takes place but that is just completely untrue and can be uncovered with a little research The chicken on your dinner table That chicken was once in a dark factory stuck in a cage not remotely big enough for it Though that is terrible enough your dinner had its beak seared off with a hot blade while it was alive Hamburgers and bacon Otherwise known as cows and pigs which are often castrated without painkillers to serve as your meal Other animals that survive those horrid situations are forced to endure harsh weather conditions cages that lack any sort of moving room careless abuse living areas infested with their own waste and other disgusting harmful intruders and ridiculously inhumane deaths Animals are hung upside down to have their throats slit legs chopped off skinned and feathered alive and even more unspeakable disgusting torture 

Baby chicks that are unfortunately born male are thrown into a grinder and killed instantly as soon as they are born because they are deemed as useless Pigs and other animals are kicked punched and beaten until they cannot endure the torture any longer Cinderblocks are thrown onto their heads if the abuse does not kill them Unbelievably the abuse is not a kept a secret through out the industry only to the consumers The meat industry knows that when people are truly informed about how they do business Cowspiracy filmmaker Kip Anderson recently stated in an interview the majority of the population will no longer support them Anderson stresses that information is truly key It is so important to get the word out and help put an end to this insane industry Do not be blind to what is going on in your world The abuse stated above cannot be rationalized just for the sake of eating meat It is not right It is not moral We can look into the moral theory surrounding meat eating with Kant Ethics created by philosopher Immanuel Kant It starts with the basis of human consciousness and personhood He believes people should make decisions that they believe all people should make and not to make decisions on the base of desire but to produce good In Kant Ethics it is important to make moral decisions as duties to ourselves Though Kant believes that animals are things he also believes it is our moral duty is to not hurt them By hurting animals he believes it demeans our moral character Kant was quoted saying He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals

This states that if a person is content with hurting animals it is safe to assume their moral character is also low and they most likely have underlying problems within themselves and with other humans By consuming meat you are hurting animals therefore not following through with the duties you have to yourself The argument that harmful actions taken against animals for meat eating is not done by us personally is a prevalent Though you are not the one hurting the animals think of this If you were not purchasing meat and eating it the meat industry would not have to torture and kill and animals for your dinner Now as more and more people discontinue eating meat there is less demand for meat and less meat has to be provided That means less animals are killed for consumption Just because you are not killing these animals does not mean you are not going against the moral compass The animals are being killed for your consumption Without our consumption of animals the meat industry would dissolve Cutting meat out of your diet could save thousands of animals from torture and death and would surely increase moral character It is important to educate yourself on what goes on behind the scenes consider if you still approve of the situation and if not act upon it It is truly necessary to spread awareness and start a conversation on the meat industry Over the years I have opened those doors to many people who were too ignorant to do so themselves It is hard to see the actions the meat industry takes against innocent animals and I feel the moral duty to share what goes on and do my best to prevent it

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