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Today many Americans are concern with health care This includes individuals that have health care insurance and those who cannot afford health insurance Unfortunately health care premiums are rising and coverage is limited The care and coverage we are receiving as individuals is poor While the Affordable Act was meant to increase the quality of care individuals receive and to increase the number of individuals insured today healthcare is not what it was meant to accomplish Many Americans pay for health insurance but have high co pays and high deductibles This in turn causes many not to seek medical care Due to high premiums and deductibles many Americans cannot afford health insurance President Obama said in his preceding We will pass reform that lowers cost promotes choice and provides coverage that every American can count on And we will do it this year President Obama signed the Affordable Act into law in 2010 to provide universal access to healthcare control the rising cost of healthcare regulate the private insurance industry improve the quality of healthcare and to make healthcare choices more consumer friendly and easier to understand The Act is meant to increase the quality of care individuals receive and to increase the number of individuals insured It ensures that every American has either a government or a private insurance Unfortunately the goals of the Affordable 

Act have not fully taken place and has disappointed many Americans All individuals should have access to affordable and high quality medical care Health care should not be mandated but it should be a right Individuals should not have to be forced to have coverage This is an ethical dilemma because many political parties believe that individuals should not have the right to choose David Foster Wallace talks about such argument in his article Consider the Lobster Wallace writes about the ethical dilemma regarding how lobsters should be prepared and whether it is cruelty to an animal to boil a lobster alive Wallace s essay incorporates decision making regarding several methods individuals can use to kill a lobster By using Wallace's essay as a tool to explore different methods an individual can evaluate several options regarding healthcare in America Currently the United States has a managed care healthcare system that allows their citizen to choose private insurance It is the only wealthy country that does not offer a universal healthcare system that aims at ensuring that all citizens obtain health services that they require without having financial suffering and hardship when paying for these services 

Many other civilized countries offer their citizens medical health care that provides their citizens with medical care needed at an affordable cost relieving the burden and stress of high premiums deductibles and poor medical care Germany was the first country that implemented national healthcare insurance program in the year 1880 Each of these countries that have either a universal or national healthcare insurance program have a unique way to accomplish the goal of universal health care Furthermore some countries have even banned private healthcare insurance companies There are other countries who goal is met through legislation and regulation of insurance companies There are many ways to accomplish universal healthcare that will be beneficial to the medical and financial well being of their citizens As an American we should have the right to be insured at an affordable cost Americans should not have to worry about medical cost and expenses which increasingly consume a substantial portion of their income The burden of already having a disease is already stressful enough To add more stress regarding premiums and deductibles to worry about on top of what is going on in your body is very stressful and frustrating The lack of coverage many of us have seriously affects the mental health of everyone Unfortunately there is an overwhelming fear and increase in anxiety levels Many Americans do not go to the doctors because they cannot afford the medical care needed And there are others who have been paying for medical insurance and when medical treatment is needed the insurance will not cover the necessary treatments needed The high premiums yearly deductibles and out of pocket expenses can ruined a family financially

Decisions should not have to be made for us because ultimately the governments and insurance companies concern is not the people but it s main concern is making money and huge profits The healthcare industry abuses and financial profits from all Americans Our healthcare system is focused on cures rather than on prevention The complexity of the health care system and its rapid increase of healthcare cost and poor insurance coverage will require significant improvements in our healthcare system The health care reform should be assessed and evaluated We should develop a system that is comprehensive organized and administered equally between all citizens It should provide individuals with a healthcare system that covers medical necessities to all Americans regardless of past medical issues Coverage should include doctors treatments hospitals long term and short term facilities dental and prescriptions as well as preventative care Health care reform should enable Americans to rely on the coverage they have It should be affordable and provide high quality health care without the burden and stress of high deductibles and copayments It should focus on the concerns of the people whose well being and health we all seek to improve

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