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Today with the modern pace of life information technology has increasingly developed and has created opportunities for everyone in the world to connect to a network through the internet especially social media Social media is a common term in the daily lives of each with a variety of features information resources allowing users to receive and share information quickly and efficiently Social media is a collection of individuals with one or more connected relationships For example Facebook has many favorite features including making friends find friends create groups share photos videos with ease have a variety of applications games and privacy settings For a variety of uses some people view Facebook as an integral part of their lives and their use has become a daily habit Although Facebook gradually become habits of entertainment for young people and student however the use of Facebook not only stop at the level of entertainment but also have a significant impact on the psychology lifestyle behavior and behavior of students in the relationship Social Media has implications for the lives of individuals and society Especially young people who are using social media every day Social media has changed the habits of many people lifestyles and cultures in a large segment of social media users especially Facebook are being used extensively in the United States Many students also use Facebook for learning and exchanging information 

Besides the positive impact in some ways Facebook has some limitations However if you know how to use it effectively Facebook also provides an excellent environment for students to broaden their knowledge in many academic areas as well as in life Also Facebook is appealing to people with a variety of uses Many people consider Facebook as part of their lives and their use has become a daily habit Some people are hard to leave Facebook because all their friends are on Facebook so they can not give up on Facebook These friendships are not just an extension of the relationships they have in the real world but more connections are created and exist only on Facebook Also Facebook is a great way to share and update information about lectures group assignments schedules activities photo and videos Exchange make friends join online applications Therefore Facebook shows its interactivity when at the same time it can bring various utilities to the user Facebook has brought young people lot of fun and excitement Facebook is where they can share update information photos chat with friends and participate in entertainment applications Facebook is chosen by many people as a place to relieve stress They can play games talk with family relatives and friends So they spent a lot of time access to Facebook every time they opened their phone or computer Also they feel uncomfortable when internet traffic blocks 

Facebook for some reason By that they understand social networking more or less attracts them on Facebook and some other people too It is known as an online diary inviting the participation of many young people around the world Facebook is becoming more and more known as a popular social media site around the world Facebook is used all the time everywhere creating attractive fast propagation speed and especially attract attention to everyone Many people used Facebook and almost everyone owns at least one Facebook account to share update information photos and make friends However there are many opinions that the Facebook has many negative impact easy to affect the user to use Through Facebook people have a place to express themselves and share difficult things with their friends Facebook gives the majority of the subjects a mental comfort when sharing their thoughts about personal life or social issues Facebook is also a powerful tool for expressing ourselves Some peoples use Facebook for a small business like selling clothes and makeup to increase their income Addicted to Facebook can cause health problems affect time study work and easily influenced by the bad habits Also there are some people don't know the purpose of using Facebook However because of their friends they also create accounts to keep up with trends 

These virtual communications limit the ability to communicate and behave in the daily life because Facebook is not a place where people can see the attitude of people talking and listening Also on Facebook some people speak the word lack of culture also affect the sense and ability of the behavior of the participants There are even some people using Facebook to slander friends and teachers Spending time on Facebook will change the daily habits of some people The impact of Facebook has gone deep into people subconscious and with modern electronic devices such as smartphones tablets laptops are more comfortable to access to Facebook Facebook is basically a part of today's society It has bring to the lives of more and more interesting to people as well as the maximization of functions However social networking sites like Facebook is also the place to raise the negative that many people worry And we can not blame entirely on Facebook Because It is merely a tool to bring and connect people from all over the world But some participants who re use do not understand the purpose so the momentum and excessive abuse led to the cause of the unexpected It is all due to the behavior and perception of individual participants using Facebook Therefore each should show responsibility for enhancing the positive impact of Facebook on the social network

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