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Today's world is changing at an alarming rate from politics to society to religion Change can become burdensome and negative when you feel that you have no control or power over it Consequently an individual's ability to assume a proactive posture to change versus a reactive position is crucial Examining one's thinking is of great importance since this process will enable a person to create new systems rather than just resisting coping managing and struggling with life changes Colella Ph D 2018 In Dr Colella s essay Pathways to Self Empowerment he sets out a simple set of guidelines for self change In order to truly change an individual must reflect inward and repetitively reinforce the life they imagine A belief system refers to the collective opinions we hold to be true about the world around us 

All individuals hold specific beliefs about the nature of reality some being more aware of these beliefs than others More specifically the beliefs we have acquired from any institutions be it religious government or social have had a strong impact upon our thoughts Colella Ph D 2018 From birth we take in information from the world around us watching our parents and others and noticing how they treat us others and how our basic needs are met From these experiences we form beliefs I am valuable or not I am important or not I must always work hard there will never be enough money I always have to fight to get what I need no matter what I do I am never enough How your personal values and beliefs affect your decisions and behaviour 2018 As we get older we start to form our own values about what we do and don t value and how we want to live Often we are not even aware of these values or the power they hold At some point our values clash with our beliefs we may even find that we keep getting stuck in the same place and we can t understand why Our beliefs are set up to keep us safe and to help us survive the best we can in our circumstances because of this our beliefs will win over our values every time until we become aware of them and change them However prior to changing one must be able to self evaluate their thoughts beliefs and actions to see if they are in need of change

More often than not we are unable to see our biases prejudices or shortcomings that block any positive progress People make the mistake of thinking that they are unable to change who they really are This belief can have devastating consequences on any ability to alter one's outlook on life and improve it Dr Colella refers to Self talk By self talk we are referring to the tape that is played in our minds in which our thoughts about ourselves are made known to ourselves An individual with high self esteem has a mental tape playing which is very different than the tape of the individual with low esteem Colella Ph D 2018 There is a great deal of weight placed on the perception of an individual who desires to effectively change This awareness of how self talk influences our decision making process and self awareness is critical in order to change our self talk and how we visualize ourselves The more negatively you speak to yourself the more you begin to second guess things and the challenges that arise seem insurmountable Your mind is unable to create solutions and instead you succumb to them Others begin to question and doubt you as well leading your into a downward negative spiral On the contrary those who practice positive self talk not only see themselves as capable of overcoming circumstances but often achieve their goals are more creative and self reflective Individuals who are self empowered have come to the realization that the choice to change their lives rests within themselves and that this option to change is not controlled by others but rather by themselves Colella Ph D 2018 The next step is visualization seeing the goal as already complete in your mind s eye is a core technique used by the world s most successful people Visualization is effective because it harnesses the power of our subconscious mind Canfield 2018 This can take on many different forms meditation mindfulness yoga etc When we visualize our goals and picture ourselves achieving those goals it subconsciously causes our mind to make that vision a reality by working to resolve and match your vision

Visualizing your goals promotes creativity and motivates you to work harder at finding solutions This enables one to take new risks and brings you closer to the success you envisioned A leader carries with them their personal belief system This drives their leadership style and affects those around them Their past experiences shape their ideals and drive how they guide and direct those under them Obviously this can be for better or for worse Leaders must be self aware self reflective and open to new and improved ideas Leaders who practice positive self talk are proven to achieve more Leaders who visualize their success often end up achieving it These practices trickle down to those around them A true leader challenges others to do the same pushing them to constantly self reflect and adjust to practice self talk and to visualize their own goals

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