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I know my passion for cars will never end and I saw no better way of exploring this passion through a written task This written task is about a feature article on the television show Top Gear Top Gear is a British television series about cars and it has become the most widely watched television program in the world with approximately of 350 million views per week in 170 different counties The show is presented by famous iconic presenters Jeremy Clarkson James May Richard Hammond Jason Dawe Chris Evans with Matt LeBlanc These presenters are known for their repugnant behavior and their inappropriate use of language to various groups in the society which may cause harm to the people indirectly Due to their British Heritage they tend to discriminate various groups in the society with their personal judgment which may offend viewers Top Gear is the relaunched version of the original show in 1977 it has become a controversial show and gained many attentions in the British culture as the presenters of Top Gear can imitate and mock different genders and sexuality They often make comparisons using similes and metaphors to portray a certain stereotype

Top Gear has faced many legal troubles due to several complaints from the viewers and the Office of Communications has been involved Top Gear is a famous controversial series and the racist comments used on genders and sexuality has gained many attentions as the hosts have insulted many races all around the world The well known hosts of the show use metaphors and similes to portray genders in a contemptible way with their obnoxious use of language which may offend and hurt the sentiment of the viewers When the show aired the presenters used racist comments against Germans Mexicans Italians Americans and they mocked all these countries in the show Gender stereotypes are also portrayed through language on Top Gear reviewing the Jaguar CX 75 aired That episode has caused controversy as the discussion was based about replacing on the new Jaguar s Bluetooth system pairing a phone being replaced with mating a phone Based on that discussion the presenters of the show made a joke as they would want to get the phone and the dashboard to mate The presenters of the host reinforced the phone and the dashboard to farm animals saying that they had to wait for the lady cow to be on heat before sticking the bull in After that James May ask how people would know when the dashboard is having its period

At this point Jeremy Clarkson responded Because the satnav would lose its temper for no reason Based on the above comment many audience will react in different manner as the male would laugh at that joke but most women and feminists will be being offended Top Gear use of language to portray certain racial stereotypes as the comments from the host has offended different genders with their constant use of racists comments which characterizes the show For example when the show was aired to introduce the new Mexican sport car Mastretta On the show the well know host Richard Hammond asked a rhetorical question of why would anyone want a Mexican car At the same time he answered his own question as he states that cars reflect national characteristics Mexican cars are just going to be lazy feckless flatulent oaf with a mustache leaning against a fence asleep looking at a cactus with a blanket with a hole in the middle on as a coat Adding to his statement he also made another comment just imagine waking up and remembering you re Mexican you would go back to sleep again He also remarked that It d be brilliant because you could just go straight back to sleep again

 This episode has caused controversy as it was aired during the visit of the Mexican Ambassador The Mexican did not have pleasantly stay in the United Kingdom as he was offended by Richard Hammond comments The Mexican Ambassador demanded an apology as the remarks and comments made by the host was ridiculous unacceptable offensive and racist These comments were to reinforce negative stereotypes and perpetuate prejudice against Mexico and its people Top Gear is a the most widely viewed TV show with a variety of audience all around the world It has gained attention in the international media and in the British culture Top Gear is an entertainment show but several comments of the hosts are very offensive as it offends genders religious groups and caused controversy Top Gear humor is seen ridiculous and unacceptable to certain groups in the society as the racist comments made by the hosts are vulgar and cheap jokes made to get a laugh without considering the racial groups they are making fun of

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