Essay Example on Topic Improving the Conditions and Efficiency of Refugee Camps









Committee Social Cultural and Humanitarian SOCHUM Topic Improving the Conditions and Efficiency of Refugee Camps Country The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia The growing issues of the Syrian Civil War inflictions with the Islamic State and other rebel groups has led to a growing number of Syrian civilians fleeing their country and entering the bordering countries of Turkey Lebanon Israel Iraq and Jordan as well as countless others The root of this problem lies with the political unrest of Syria caused mostly due to the leadership of the Assad family Assad leadership has failed to uphold several promises previously made thus there is severe civil unrest within the country The Islamic State noticed this and has joined with the rebel groups in trying to overthrow the Assad family in government Saudi Arabia is home to twenty eight and a half million people of which thirty seven percent are immigrants according to UN data The Saudi government states that the country has taken in about two and a half million refugees since the Syrian conflict began according to the Saudi Press Agency Saudi Arabia views Syrian refugees not as refugees but as Arab brothers and sisters in distress 

As the Kingdom is not a signatory of the 1951 UN Convention 1967 Protocol thus displaced peoples are not counted in the UN High Commission of Refugees UNHCR annual count of refugees the Kingdom views them as migrants rather than refugees Since 2011 the same year the Syrian Civil war started the UN has proposed many solutions both temporary and permanent though no permanent peace is reached Several resolutions have been passed by the UN most of which anonymously to monitor or help solve the Syrian Civil War and refugee crisis These include the 2012 Security Council Resolution 2042 authorizing military observers to Syria to monitor the current state and the 2014 Security Council Resolution 2139 calling on all parties of the War to permit free access to humanitarian aid supplemented by the Security Council Resolution 2165 in 2014 allowing direct humanitarian access across four border crossings While these both present efficient and favorable aid options they are only temporary much like every other resolution passed Of the vetoed resolutions some provide valiant solutions to the crisis as a whole however most also assign blame and condemnation causing a veto by the condemned nations allies The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia yearns for a permanent solution to the refugee crisis as a whole as well as the increased integration of refugees into other country s societies 

The Kingdom does not treat refugees as such but as people preserving their dignity and safety by doing such Those refugees are integrated into society once achieving residency and are allowed access to work schools and free medical care Regarding the discrepancy of the allowance of refugees into Saudi Arabia the Kingdom does provide for many displaced people especially from Syria though does respect its national sovereignty and its right to protect its national security more than anything else One such possible solution is to endorse rebel groups in overtaking the current regime in Syria Doing so would end the Civil War with a clear rebel win a win for the people The Kingdom already provides military and financial aid to rebel groups and hopes for other countries such as the US to help intervene Temporarily countries should work together to integrate refugees into society providing education and work though not infringing upon the displaced person s nationalism of their home country Finding a solution to the Syrian Refugee Crisis is vital to the preservation of Syrian as a nationality Integrating refugees through education and work both adds to the economy of the host nation while providing minimal disruption in the development of the person considering circumstances

This integration must be done simultaneously with military force in taking down the Assad regime Without both components there is a risk of poor development of the displaced people and risk of the Syrian Civil War remaining relentless Works Cited Doanvo Anhvinh Western Media s Miscount of Saudi Arabia s Syrian Refugees The Huffington Post TheHuffingtonPost com 23 Sept 2015 www huffingtonpost com anhvinh doanvo europes crisis refugees_b_8175924 html Saudi Arabia says it s been taking Syrian refugees the whole time and no one s really convinced Al Bawaba 13 Sept 2015 www albawaba com loop saudi arabia says its been taking syrian refugees whole time and no ones really convinced 74287 Security Council Resolution 2042 S RES 2042 2012 E United Nations 14 Apr 2012 undocs org S RES 2042 2012 Security Council Resolution 2139 S RES 2139 2014 E United Nations 22 Feb 2014 undocs org S RES 2139 2014 Syria crisis Where key countries stand BBC News BBC 30 Oct 2015 www bbc com news world middle east 23849587 The World Factbook Central Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency www cia gov library publications the world factbook geos print_sa html

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