Essay Example on Topic to relate to In the 1960’s Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr









I really poured my heart out in this discussion With all the current events going on I believe this is an important topic to relate to In the 1960’s Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr were notorious for their accomplishment in running the general public They had common opinions and had thousands of followers by the time they died Their aims were to integrate African Americans and whites in to the same humanity with fair treatment for everyone Even though they had very similar goals their way in which they struggled for this movement is what differentiated them in history Martin Luther King had a peaceful approach and would not fight even when he and his followers were maltreated repeatedly with each passing protest Malcolm X on the other side comprehended what was needed in order to make an impression on the public and proclaim change However Martin Luther King used a passive method in order to make an impact Malcolm X used a more forceful approach including politics and resistance which was eventually more effective due to his plea for change through the government's regulation of laws and police treatment This means that the there was an impact on a different kind of public than the latter 

The kind of influencers is directly related to the nature of people they tend to influence Martin Luther King Jr is identified for being a redeemer to many for preaching his beliefs to thousands and changing as well as persistence to change daily life of millions of people He did so by focusing on the need to make others understand He wanted the white people to see how his people were treated and wanted it to end In order to do this he basically forced them to see the truth He didn't fight the police or do anything unlawful causing him to get arrested He just used peaceful protests like the Montgomery Bus Boycott in which many refused to ride buses in order to bring awareness to the irrational segregation He did this to generate tension amongst the races as he states in his letter he wrote in 1963 in Birmingham jail Malcolm X took a similar approach but more forceful than Martin Luther King Jr After his parting from the Nation of Islam Malcolm X set out on a new mission In its place of struggling to keep the idea of separate but equal as the Nation of Islam believed in he attempted for full integration of all races with equal treatment Malcolm X was willing to do what was thought necessary in order for his people to be heard When considering his relationship to other African American supporters in 

The Ballot or the Bullet speech he said We will work with anybody anywhere at any time who is genuinely interested in tackling the problem head on non violently as long as the enemy is nonviolent but violent when the enemy gets violent Malcolm X wanted to see was a change and stood by his word to fight for what he believed in He advised his followers to defend themselves if need be but his general goal was to impact the government In his Ballot or the Bullet speech he speaks out to Lyndon B Johnson to be the first step in making a change by saying let him go into the Senate next week and declare himself Right now not later Tell him don t wait until election time If he waits too long brothers and sisters he will be responsible for letting a condition develop in this country which will create a climate that will bring seeds up out of the ground with vegetation on the end of them looking like something these people never dreamed of Malcolm X knew the first step in change started in the senate and in the hands of the government They needed to change the way in which laws were enforced in order to make them more race friendly Malcolm X and his followers required a representative in the government who could fight for their rights and encouraged others to join in the movement No one at the time would listen to a black man from the streets but they would if a white man in a position of power was more powerful and had a higher potential for the success of change A better way I look at the idea of the American perspective at the time is delivered in Malcolm X s write up It set a deeper impact in mind when I was reading it also explains where his anger activism is come from His affect was of a special kind and was justified given the occurrences back then The world that he dreamed of having is equal in nature his movement impacted many just as Martin Luther King s They each had a different way of approaching the same social evil their movements distinctive valuable

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