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Introduction Torture can be defined as It is a process of imposing severe pain on other people as a punishment or force them to do something for the sake of pleasure According to the international law it is totally illegal to torture the people in any circumstances However in reality it is continuously being practice in all over the world McDonald 2010 In this essay I will try to pin out that treating other inhumanly is morally wrong I will use the the bomb which is ticking that is mostly quoted as a justification for the torture in extreme cases After the detailed analysis of the the bomb which is ticking scenario I will discuss its pros and cons I will divide my discussion into parts One part will postulate about the weakness of the scenario and the other part will try to explain the implications of the decision to torture McDonald 2010 My concluding remarks will reveal that it should be the complete prohibition of the torture because it is morally wide of the mark Consequentialists Deontologists and the Ticking Bomb 

The the bomb which is ticking is the most widely quoted moral issue that affects us to question our ethical significances It presumes that a sketch has been found that showing to crash the city areas with a bomb which are soon will be blasted It is very difficult to clear the city in time however there is a possibility to save if we found the bomb and disarm it There is suspect that is being arrested by the cop who know about the bomb but he is refusing to tell about the exact location of it Now the question is can we torture the suspect to reveal the information about the bomb Now the scenario is about to tradeoff between choices We have to choose one from the two evil options The deontological and consequentialist approaches come into existence here In the simplest way we can say that the Deontological is the study of the nature of responsibility and commitment It is used to make universal rules of human action in perspective of the morality When we talk about the fundamental human rights and humanity actually we talk about this approach in banning the torture Nincic et al 2011 This approach can be used to address any moral questions Basically it consists of two universal rules Act as though the maxim of your action were by your will to become a universal law of nature and treat all according to humanity may be own people or also others try to do it by your actions not only by words Duty 2017 The first argument revealing that the practice of torture cannot be accepted because it is being used against us If we talk about the second one it means we cannot use it against a person just for the purposes of extracting information from him So from both perspective it is clear that the torture cannot be justified in all situations Schropp 2012 The person who is choosing not to torture is actually taking a good moral decision no matter what are the consequences If we talk about the consequentialists they prefer that no action is bad in itself 

They claim that consequences of any act will decide the moral value of that action They talk about the opportunity cost of the action taken by the people in any circumstances To save the whole city people it is good to torture the suspect because it is outweighing against him Jeremy Bentham who was an English philosopher give this approach the name Principle of Utility No doubt this approach has a very strong logic but also left us with some complicated questions like if we save the one person then torture is lower evil Is it a good way to torture the suspect s family to extract the information The debate between the consequentialist and deontologist gives us a perfect insight when we suffer from the dilemma of these types problems The Wider Contexts The the bomb which is ticking scenario is very simple and it covers the complexity and puzzle of the dilemma it entails After the detailed analysis of torture dilemma we are invigorated to consider the instant results of action and it supports the torture situation

An adverse result of practicing the torture is that it would directly affect the system of justice and will destroy the law and order enforcement in a society Conclusion To understand the real picture of the torture practice the bomb which is ticking case provide us a perfect reasoning In a crux of this essay I arguing that torture is morally wrong The arguments that I give in above discussion forced me to believe that torture is totally unjustifiable even in the risky cases Torture is also painful in all another perspective such as psychologically and mentally Schropp 2012 On the other side of the picture some individuals are in favor of the torture They postulate that torture is morally defensible Before the Enlightenment the practicing torture the people was legal but now a day it is totally illegal in every case In this essay I try to demonstrate that why we should never practice and accept the torture in all scenarios References McDonald C 2010 Deconstructing Ticking Bomb Arguments Global Dialogue Online 12 1 1 Nincic M Ramos J 2011 Torture in the public mind International Studies Perspectives 12 3 231 249 Schropp H 2012 Torture Is it ever justifiable Duty 2017 Kant s philosophy Retrieved 19 June 2017 from https kantphilosophy wordpress com kants ethics duty

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