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Totalitarian many do not understand this word but it is something that is used by some governments in the world totalitarian is a system of government that is run by one party and is similar to a Dictatorship In George Orwell s book 1984 this system is shown and used in the Dystopian of Oceania The Party is keeping their control on their civilians and succeeding in their totalitarian system by Routines like Two minutes Hate and Newspeak also having clubs like the Anti Sex club For one thing the routine of Two Minutes Hate Is something the whole city pretty much shuts down and participates in Orwell states that and present the electric current was cut off during daylight hours It was part of the economy drive in preparation for Hate Week Orwell 1 The Party has the electricity shut off for the events of Hate week In 1984 Winston explains what they do in a Two Minute Hate session and how in the end everyone is joined together in shots and yelling Orwell states 

The program of the Two Minute Hate varied from day to day but there was none in which Goldstein was not the principal figure He was the primal traitor the earliest defiler of the Party s purity Orwell 12 In these Hate sessions they are shown a picture of Goldstein and convinced that he is the bad guy who is trying to ruin what they so call as their perfect society Winston ten goes on the explain his actions and how he was sucked into the yelling and chanting he wasn t really aware of what he was doing Winston said The horrible thing about the Two Minute Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part but that it was impossible to avoid joining in Orwell 14 The way that the Two Minute HAte is set up and how it is so easy to get sucked into the commotion just like how Winston got sucked in it is safe to say that this life routine that the who city participates in is helping the Party to keep control of it Totalitarian society On the other hand a routine that is used in the city of Oceania is Newspeak Newspeak is the official language of Oceania for an account of its structure and etymology Orwell 4 The etymology of newspeak or its phrase development over the years has changed drastically The Party had developed this language for the use of control over what their citizens have to say Newspeak was broken down into three distinct classes known as the 

A vocabulary the B vocabulary or called compound words and also C vocabulary Orwell 300 Each Class was made of different words for people A vocabulary was filled with everyday words B vocabulary was filled with Political words and C vocabulary was filled with scientific and technical terms The idea of Newspeak is to remove any kind of rebellious thoughts which helps the Party with controlling their citizens and Maintain a totalitarian society Any word in the language in principle this applied even to very abstract words such as if or when could be used either as a verb noun adjective or adverb Orwell 301 Newspeak is helping the Party by controlling how people think and how they speaking limiting them to vocabulary that could lead to an uprising As a final point the Anti sex League is a group or club that is set on the grounds of not having sex Also that children should not be conceived or created through sexual intercourse They believe that children should be created in a lab the artificial way One of the members is Julia Winston s love interest in 1984 When Julia had given Winston a note explaining her love for him they met up and she asked him about what he had thought Winston told her how he thought she was part of the thought police Julia says you thought I was a good Party member Pure in word and deed Banners Processions slogans games community hikes all that stuff And you thought that if I had a quarter of a chance I d denounce you as a thought criminal and get you killed off Orwell 121 Julia has explained many times in the book about how awful the work that she has to do for the club is For example she says I ve got to put in two hours for the Junior Anti Sex League handing out leaflets or something Isn t it bloody Orwell 127 Julia attended many lectures and demonstrations for the Anti Sex League and made banners for Hate week The Anti Sex league is helping to create an environment for the totalitarian system to sway people into believing Sex is bad and no one should feel love at all in their system In conclusion the Party is keeping their control on their civilians and succeeding in their totalitarian system by Routines like Two minutes Hate and Newspeak also having clubs like the Anti Sex club The dystopia of Oceania s government has taken control and will succeed in ruling for as long as the routines and clubs stay together

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