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Translation a studies in applied linguistics has been practically explored by some researchers due to its significant role in delivering message of one text to another text Grossman 2010 noted that translation not only plays its important traditional role as the means that allows us to do communication exchange access to literature originally written in one of the countless languages we cannot read and enhance our knowledge but it also represents a concrete literary presence with the crucial capacity to ease and make more meaningful our relationships to those with whom we may not have had a connection before Considering these main points of translation function obviously translation demands an expert translator to be engaged in its function process and product Expertise in translation is needed in translation pedagogy because it leads to these three main cores of translation objective problem based on Holmes in Toury 1996 since the translation studies was firstly introduced Thinking of these important issues it raises to the question how to do a good translation how to differentiate a good translation and how to draw rater instrument to rate the translation product 

Current special attention goes to translating popular fiction historical romance literature which has long been neglected and underestimated in the Indonesian literary context since very a few researches on the translation of this genre has been carried out so far Most of them were talking about a postmodern era non fiction novel Meanwhile the production and consumption of romantic fiction is a global phenomenon and it is a key element of both international and national publishing industries Furthermore Bianchi and D Arcangelo 2015 emphasized that this kind of novel is very popular among other types of novel in North America and Italia It generates 1 5 billion dollars per year in sale and more than 600 titles each year are published amounting to a total of 260 million books sold in the last 20 years and a total invoice of 20 million Euros In such case the publishers take part some essential roles in circulating the novel They produce domestic novel of the local authors and reproduce novels from outside country most of them are written in English to enrich the literature knowledge This reproducing activity means not directly taking the original novel and selling it in Indonesia but also there is a role of publishing market which agrees to translate the novel into Indonesian language 

There should be an activity which called translation and engaged translator so that all Indonesian readers can enjoy reading it What comes to mind further is that translating historical romance novel is both an act of criticism and an act of creative writing In many ways the translator penetrates the text more deeply than most critics and is constantly engaged in interpreting both the text and its subtexts This is an integral part of the translator s obligation to recreate in another language the tone sense and impact of the original In order to fulfill that obligation literary translators must be sensitive writers in English Indonesia However the problems are has this kind of novel translated accurately clearly and readable into Indonesian Some descriptive studies have been done in the field of translation quality assessment whether they took ACR based Accuracy Clarity and Readability AAR based Accuracy Acceptability and Readability or ACN based Accuracy Clarity and Naturalness Ardi 2010 Yeni 2012 and Rosita 2013 Various scholars from different school of thought have proposed criteria or model for translation assessment differently aiming to provide a systematic method to evaluate translation Williams and Chesterman 2002 mentioned that the assessments are under the circumstances as followed during training in examination for certification by critics and reviewers and ultimate of course by the ordinary reader They also added three general approaches to quality assessment one is source oriented which means to see the relation between the translation and its source text 

The second one is target language oriented approach which means to see the relation between the translation and its target text to measure the degree of naturalness Then the last one is translation effect approach which has to do with the assessment on clients teachers critics and reader All these theories are in the general translation quality assessment which can be applied for all kind of translation text Specifically for the literary translation here novel translation Suparman in Basuki 2003 emphasized that in translating novel for example English novel a translator must read the novel overall from the beginning to the end in order to get the whole idea and all aspects posed in the novel This factor included because the translator is a main agent of translating process who should have a good competence in order to deliver the message to the target reader accurately clearly and readable In fact there were no studies yet that focused on analyzing the combination of fiction and non fiction novel means the novel which included real historical event which modified into imagination story like Taj A History of Mughal India written by Murari In this research the quality of translation was seen from the degree of accuracy clarity and readability or whole deep analysis of translation product

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