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Relationships between children and their parents can be Complex

Often once the child grows up they begin to have a greater understanding and are able to reflect on those relationships In poem Those Winter Sundays Robert Hayden writes of a son looking back on his relationship with his father and it s complexity The their intricate relationship comes from the son feeling guilt about how unaware he was of everything his father did and how blinded he was by his childish judgements Using details to look back on childhood sound devices to show a masked feeling and repetition of the word cold to elaborate on the emotional distance the father shows the speaker portrays his seemingly strict yet caring father and an unknowing and indifferent child himself This shows that a child can never understand the hardships of a hard working father or how the love from one will be forever unconditional no matter what The speaker focuses on certain details that he remembers of his father He looks back and sees a hard working man caring for his family in the only way he knows how through his actions The opening line puts emphasis on the word Sunday since Sundays too my father got up early Hayden 1 and warms the house 

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