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Is College Actually Worth It? Study of American Education System

Is College Actually Worth It. According to the National Centre for Education Statistics an estimated 20.4 million students are expected to attend American colleges and universities. David Leonhardt in his The New York Times article Is College Worth It. Clearly, New Data Say articulates the significance of college education through factual evidence. He introduces the readers to the increasing statistics which reflects the escalating value of college education. On the other hand, Michael Barone in a Washington Examiner article titled. Is college worth it. Increasing numbers say no points out the limitations of a college education. Barone through various examples powerfully illustrates the shortcoming of the college and university administrations. However, despite the plethora of limitations such as the crippling economy rapidly increasing, inequality and malign effects of college and university administrations reduce the success attainable through a college degree. First and foremost due to the rapidly declining economic situation and rising inequality of the country limits college graduates from attaining overall success. To begin with but from almost any individual's perspective, college is a no brainer. It's the most reliable ticket to the middle class and beyond Leonhardt 4. A college education is the heart of the Great American Dream which makes the achievement of a college education synonymous with overall financial success. Thus thousands of students flock to various educational institutions all over the country to achieve their ambition.

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