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Acidification Lab Report Isidro Purpose To understand the relationship of a solution of acid being counterbalanced with a basic solution Introduction The objective of this lab was to understand the relationship of an acid when it is offset by a basic solution Before beginning it was important to understand the material that was going to be handled At a superficial level the nature of acids and bases and how they act alone and with each other To begin an acid is a compound that releases hydrogen ions when dissolved in water At the most basic level acids occur naturally in lemons by the juice they secrete Acids have certain characteristics that distinguish them from other compounds in the environment Most commonly they are sour corrosive to metal and have a pH value that ranges from 0 7 0 being most acidic To contrast a base is a solution that releases hydroxide ions in water Similarly to acids they have characteristics that allow them to be distinguished among other solutions such as being slippery and having a bitter taste as well as having a pH range from 7 14 14 being the most basic This scale that is constantly being cited in this report is known as the pH scale which is defined as the negative algorithm of the hydrogen ion concentration in gram atoms per liter Simply put it is a scale that measures the acidity or alkalinity of a substance 

The lower the number is on a scale the more acidic it is and the higher it is on the scale the more it leans towards being a base During this experiment the group studied the process of neutralization which is when salt and water are formed when an acid and a base are mixed together Based off the information presented it is safe to say that that as the base Sodium Hydroxide is added to the acidic solution Hydrochloric Acid Materials 1 Pipet 2 100 mL beaker 3 50 ml burrette 4 NaOH Sodium Hydroxide Solution 5 HCl Hydrochloric Acid 6 Phenolphthalein 7 pH recorder 8 pen paper Procedures 1 With the pipet take 10 ml of the HCl acid solution and place it into a 100 ml beaker 2 Fill the burette with approximately 20 ml of the sodium hydroxide solution 3 Add 3 drops of phenolphthalein indicator to the HCl acid solution in the beaker and gently stir 4 Add 1 ml of base to the acid 5 Repeat this procedure until you add total 5ml 6 Add 0 5 ml of the NaOH solution to the HCl solution Repeat 10 times 7 Add 1 ml of the NaOH solution to the HCl solution Repeat 5 times Data Hydroxide mL pH 1 1 5 2 1 56 3 1 65 4 1 75 5 1 87 5 5 1 95 6 2 02 6 5 2 12 7 2 25 7 5 2 43 8 2 81 8 5 6 14 9 11 15 9 5 11 62 10 11 78 11 12 01 12 12 13 13 12 2 14 12 22 15 12 32 X axis amount of Hydroxide added Y axis pH level Analysis During this experiment the Hydrochloric Acid reacted with the introduction of the Sodium Hydroxide due to the process of neutralization As was expected the base neutralized the acid and as more was added the pH would increase What wasn't expected was the spike in the pH level at about after 8 5 9 ml of Hydroxide was added Furthermore with this increase in pH the actual color of substance in the beaker changed from a clear liquid to a bright pink color This is due to the change in the concentration of hydrogen ions in the substance Because the solution was becoming for alkaline the solution reacted this way Conclusion To conclude the result of the experiment proved the hypothesis to be correct but the results could prove effective when approached from the big picture

With this conclusion and with the content being studied in class it can be said that the experiments results could be used to tackle real life environmental issues For example acidity being collected in the oceans According to National Geographic the oceans pH level has dropped a total of 0 1 pH units This is detrimental to the ecosystems of the ocean because an increase in the acidity of the ocean can kill off a lot of the wildlife that maintain the ecosystem and support much of the fauna that create shells for protection such as corals and even some fish species Although drastic a possible introduction of basic substances over a period of time could aid in slowing down the already detrimental effects of air pollution that is constantly being absorbed by the ocean and adding to the increase in acidity Even though it is likely impossible at the moment it is a possible solution to an issue that grows more dangerous daily

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