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Strategic Leadership Memo Competitive advantage the goal of all Firms

Strategic Leadership Memo Competitive advantage the goal of all firms to set themselves apart from others and dominate their market Competitive advantage success starts with arguably the most prominent position the CEO Effective strategic and sustainable leadership is demonstrated best by Duke Energy s Lynn J Good Trickle down management is important to keep company mission and vision alive practicing sustainable practices and hiring and retaining skilled and diverse employees Strategic Management Creating Competitive Advantages describes a view of leadership that derives performance of a firm from the performance of the CEO If the firm fails it is because the CEO has failed Dess McNamara Eisner Pg 5 Mrs Good portrays a good example of this philosophy because in her short tenure as CEO she has been in the spotlight for positive and negative decisions Duke Energy and especially Good was under the microscope in 2013 after an accident lead to pollution being spilled into the Dan River in Eden NC Sweet 2016 While many looked at this accident as the end of Good s career and the end of Duke Energy s dominance of the market Good took it upon herself to focus on the natural energy and gas Sweet 2016 This decision is an example of strategic leadership and resilience Good did not let this early roadblock keep her from being successful When examining Duke Energy s Mission Statement and values we can see that Good s move into clean energy provides evidence of keeping the mission alive Good isn t just spouting the buzzwords that keep stakeholders happy she is implementing initiatives to achieve the goal Part of the firm's Mission Statement reads we make people's lives better by providing gas and electrical services in a sustainable way affordable reliable and clean

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