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Assessing the Impact of Legitimization of Street Vendors

Assessing the impact of legitimization of street vendors their regulation and livelihood protection in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh. INTRODUCTION To protect the tripartite rights guaranteed under the Constitution in Article 14 19 and 21 of the street vendors the Indian Judiciary has played a prominent role in recognizing them and their rights as a result of which a National law on the protection of livelihood rights has been carved by the Central Government in 2014 addressing the various issues related to them So this Act is seen as an empowering tool for the regulation of street vending as well as for the protection measure for those urban poor who provide to the needs of essentials daily use items food materials etc at inexpensive prices to the economic category customers REVIEW OF LITERATURE The issue of street vendors has been historical but the Act came in force is recent so it do not cater much literature on the issue Review of Book The Constitution of India P M Bakshi The Indian Constitution under Article 21 imbibes the protection of life and personal liberty which includes an immanent facet i e Right to Livelihood within it and the means for which has been recognized under Article 19 1 g by carrying out any occupation trade or business has been mentioned by the author in the book Review of Articles Street Vendors Laws and Legal issues in India WIEGO Law and Informality Project The article specifies that validating the spirit proposed under Article 19 and 21 the Central Government for the protection of life and liberty and promoting the economic justice as Act No 7 of 2014 passed The Street Vendors Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending Act 2014 on 4th March 2014 It also mentions about certificate of vending which would be issued to every vendor periodical renewal of vending licenses vending fees paid to the municipal corporation as decided by the appropriate government under scheme

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