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Growing up I was always driven and highly Motivated

Growing up I was always driven and highly motivated to perform well in school I drew inspiration from my parents who always challenged me to do the best and get into even greater heights in my life As an individual I measured success through my own lens and only pushed myself as it fit my overall goals and models to one day study abroad I had a seamless career passing all my grade levels and meeting the set standards that were pleasing to me specifically and my parents I was driven by the achievements and was motivated to take on the next challenge I have for two years been studying Association of Art and Science Degree and I believe it is the right time to make a transition to the University of Washington where I believe I will meet my dream The decision to move and study abroad was a turning point in my life since growing in Hong Kong Chinese was my first language I had to work hard to adapt to a new environment culture and study as I pushed to learn English as a second language It was a major challenge for me since I did not have the resources to study in the elite schools where English was one of their core subjects I had to strive with the meager resources that were at my disposal and engage with my parents towards developing the best models and creating better approaches in the set systems 

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