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Respiration Unlike some people may think respiration is not breathing it is the name given to breaking down glucose to release energy All living things need to respire to survive and respiration happens in every cell of the animal plant or microorganism Respiration is an exothermic reaction which means it is a reaction the gives off heat The energy that is released by the organisms is used to keep warm for movement and is also used in other chemical reaction to produce larger molecules the organism needs to survive There are two types of respiration aerobic and anaerobic Aerobic Respiration Aerobic respiration is respiration which uses oxygen and is the most efficient way of respiring as the glucose is completely broken down to release energy As it is the most efficient way it makes sense that is happens all the time in all animals and plants Aerobic respiration takes place inside the mitochondria an organelle For all organisms that respire aerobically the equation is glucose oxygen carbon dioxide water Anaerobic Respiration Anaerobic respiration takes place in the cytoplasm of a cell Anaerobic respiration still breaks down glucose to release energy but does not completely breakdown the glucose Not all organisms have the same process of anaerobic respiration it is different for animals compared to plants and microorganisms In animals anaerobic respiration produces lactic acid glucose lactic acid

Anaerobic respiration does not need oxygen so only happens in animal if there is not a big enough supply of oxygen for example if the animal is running for a long period of time so when an animal respires anaerobically the lactic acid builds up in the muscles and can get painful as lactic acid is a poison The building up of lactic acid in muscles is also known as muscle fatigue meaning your muscles get tired and do not contract properly When exercise has been completed the blood will take away the lactic acid for more detail look at the paragraph entitled Exercise and Respiration In plants and yeast this process if different ethanol and carbon dioxide are produced from the incomplete breakdown of glucose glucose ethanol carbon dioxide In yeast anaerobic respiration has a special name fermentation and can be used to produce bread and alcoholic drinks by using the ethanol Comparing Aerobic Respiration and Anaerobic Respiration Although aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration are both types of respiration and both release energy there are many difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration Aerobic respiration needs oxygen and is the complete breakdown of glucose whereas anaerobic respiration does not need oxygen and is the incomplete breakdown of glucose Also aerobic respiration always has end products of carbon dioxide and water whereas anaerobic respiration has two different possible end products depending on the organism the product if animals respire anaerobically is lactic acid however the end products if plants or yeast respire anaerobically are ethanol and carbon dioxide 

Another major difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration is that animals and plants always respire aerobically and only sometimes respire anaerobically The place that each type of respiration happen are different too aerobic respiration takes place in mitochondria whereas anaerobic respiration takes place in a cell's cytoplasm Finally anaerobic respiration releases a lot less energy that aerobic respiration aerobic respiration release 19 times more energy that anaerobic respiration from the same amount of glucose https www bbc co uk education guides zm6rd2p revision 2 Exercise and Respiration When we exercise the body needs more energy to cope with the strain you are putting on it so therefore the rate of respiration needs to increase to deal with this To supply the muscles with more oxygen and glucose to respire aerobically the heart rate breathing rate and breath volume all increase During strenuous exercise the muscles may not have enough oxygen to respire aerobically so the muscle cells will start anaerobic respiration This causes lactic acid to be produces which will build up in the muscles and causes an oxygen debt the oxygen debt is the amount of extra oxygen the body needs after exercise to react with the lactic acid and remove it from the cells Collins AQA GCSE all in one revision and practice biology book The buildup of lactic acid causes muscles start to hurt and stop contracting properly the muscles get tired As lactic acid is a poison to the body it needs to be gotten rid of quickly so after exercise is finished the lactic acid is taken to the liver by the blood where it is broken down Also after exercise the oxygen debt must be repaid deep breathing after exercise is a sign the oxygen debt is being repaid as the deep breathing is getting more oxygen into your body Metabolism

The term metabolic rate refers how fast chemical reactions occur in our body Many factors can affect metabolic rate including age gender the ratio of muscles to fat in the body the amount of exercise a person does and factors inherited from family members When we exercise our metabolic rate increases and will stay high for a while after the exercise has ceased Metabolism is the name given to all chemical reactions that happen in your body These reactions are controlled by enzymes and many need energy to be transferred so they can occur The energy that is transferred by respiration is used to make a number of new molecules including changing glucose to starch to make glycogen or cellulose using a molecule of glycerol and three molecules of fatty acid to make lipid molecules making amino acids from glucose and nitrate ions and breaking down unneeded proteins into urea for excretion

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