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Unquestionably Tim Burton has one of the world's most particular styles while in regards to film directing His tone state of mind phrasing symbolism association punctuation and perspective inside his movies separates him from other famous directors Burton s style can be effortlessly portrayed in two of his most exceedingly regarded and widely praised films Edward Scissorhands 1990 and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2005 Burton cleverly consolidates compelling realistic procedures to pass on a strong hidden message to the group of onlookers Such techniques are lighting sound and shots framing to demonstrate that his movies portray strong emotions a dark gothic theme and peculiar characters To begin Burton depicts compelling feelings all through these motion pictures To demonstrate this In Edward scissorhands Burton utilizes close ups to resound with the audience that a profound feeling or individual association with the character has been made For this situation a close up occurs when Edward goes into Peg s home and encounters Kim s photos it demonstrates the forbidden feelings Edward has for Kim and it enables the group of onlookers to see profound feelings past Edwards unnerving exterior This likewise hints that they will have an incredible hugeness all through the motion picture This technique induces a warm feeling for Edward when the scene reveals innocence in Edward and it encourages strong emotions for the audience to feel

To continue this idea Burton utilizes a comparable idea in Corpse Bride when Victor and Victoria encounter each other without precedent at Victoria s house The mansion is vast and very unfilled and in addition serene lighting to combine with it A close up on the two characters who are to be forcibly married demonstrate to the audience that there is a genuine association between them regardless of their conditions This anticipates the couple could build up a genuine relationship in the later future In spite of the fact that adoration is a typical feeling to be demonstrated when a close up shot is happening it isn t the main feeling that can be depicted This can be demonstrated when Burton zooms in on Emily s face as she sees Victor and Victoria together to demonstrate the contempt Emily now conveys for Victor This technique help the audience to feel a mix of emotions that are strongly portrayed throughout the movie Next Burton utilizes an assortment of lighting strategies to demonstrate a notorious gothic and dark theme that can be effortlessly unmistakable An example would be in Edward Scissorhands when Burton utilized lowkey lighting in the mansion as the shadows crawl up the walls and onto the odd rusted hardware Another example would be in Alice in wonderland when Alice takes after the Cheshire cat as the character strolls along the secretive path in the moonlight Low key lighting is effectively conspicuous in this scene as it is dim 

This technique radiates a thrilling inclination to the scene To take after the last section in Corpse Bride Burton shows a town overruled by a sense of depression that is appeared differently in relation to the baffling yet excellent place in the land of the dead The unexpected setting with the dead being the most cheerful and lively is one of numerous mysterious and awesome yet gothic idiosyncrasies in Burton s movies Burton s movies frequently contain such exceptional and beautiful spots that set off a gothic subject Low key lighting is appeared all through the film unmistakably high key lighting is rarely seen The impact that the lighting emits for this situation is a quiet and enchanted aura Burton makes mysterious and strange characters all through the known manifestations In Edward Scissorhands Burton utilizes long shot when he filmed Edwards silhouette in the corner with scissorhands shimmering in the daylight This technique emits an odd and purplexing feeling which gives the group of onlookers an oddity to this puzzling character

To add to the last section In Alice in Wonderland Burton utilizes frightening yet supernatural ambient sounds as Alice encounters Absolem and chats with him yet he doesn t talk instantly but when he does it is in short and fast sentences He is presented smoking in this scene and the lighting is dim This strategy sets a kind of foreboding and beguiling inclination This additionally helps in not demonstrating the importance of his character which helps in the otherworldliness of Absolem In conclusion Tim Burton cleverly consolidates compelling realistic procedures to pass on a strong hidden message to the group of onlookers by using techniques such as lighting sound and shots framing to show that Burton s films portray strong emotions peculiar characters and dark gothic themes This was shown in a variety of examples that is stated throughout the essay such as the filming of Edwards silhouette to show that he is indeed an odd character All of this information connect to the audience because in the end the audience is the one feeling the emotions and understanding the plot

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