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Urges that it is essential to place the protection of human rights as the key priority taken to prevent and end trafficking Encourages the need to protect assist and provide access to recovery for victims of sexual trafficking Emphasizes concern to the high number of people especially women and children in particular from developing countries who are being trafficked to developed countries as well as between regions and States The increasing activities of transnational and national organized crime and others who profit from trafficking in persons especially women and children without regard for dangerous and inhumane conditions and in flagrant violation of domestic laws and international law and contrary to international standards The use of new information technologies including the Internet for the purposes of exploitation of the prostitution of others and other forms of sexual exploitation for trafficking in women as brides and for sex tourism child pornography pedophilia and any other forms of sexual exploitation of children Urges Governments 

To take appropriate measures to address the root factors including external factors that encourage trafficking in persons for prostitution and other forms of commercialized sex forced marriages and forced labour slavery or practices similar to slavery servitude or the removal of organs including by strengthening existing legislation or by considering the enactment of anti trafficking legislation and the adoption of national plans of action To criminalize trafficking in persons in all its forms and to condemn and penalize traffickers facilitators and intermediaries including where applicable by imposing sanctions against legal entities involved in the process of trafficking without making accusations by or the participation of the victims of trafficking a precondition to the prosecution of trafficking c To ensure protection and assistance to the victims of trafficking with full respect for their human rights including where appropriate through legislation d To provide resources as appropriate for the comprehensive protection and assistance to victims of trafficking including access to adequate social necessary medical and psychological care and services including those related to HIV AIDS as well as shelter legal assistance in a language that they can understand and helplines and to cooperate in this regard as appropriate with intergovernmental and non governmental organizations e To take all appropriate measures to ensure that victims of trafficking are not penalized for being trafficked and that they do not suffer from revictimization as a result of actions taken by Government authorities bearing in mind that they are victims of exploitation and encourages Governments to provide trafficked persons with access to specialized support and assistance regardless of their immigration status f 

To devise enforce and strengthen effective gender and age sensitive measures to combat and eliminate all forms of trafficking especially in women and children including for sexual and labour exploitation as part of a comprehensive anti trafficking strategy that integrates a human rights perspective and to draw up as appropriate national plans of action in this regard g To adopt or strengthen legislative or other measures to discourage the demand that fosters all forms of exploitation of persons and leads to trafficking in persons including the demand created by sex tourism especially in children and forced labour and to enhance in this regard preventive measures including legislative measures to deter exploiters of trafficked persons and to ensure their accountability h To establish mechanisms where appropriate in cooperation with the international community to combat the use of the Internet to facilitate trafficking in persons and crimes related to sexual or other forms of exploitation and to strengthen international cooperation to investigate and prosecute trafficking facilitated by the use of the Internet i

To provide or strengthen training for law enforcement immigration criminal justice and other relevant officials including personnel participating in peacekeeping operations in preventing and responding effectively to trafficking in persons including the identification and treatment of victims with full respect for their human rights j To conduct information campaigns for the general public including children aimed at promoting awareness of the dangers associated with all forms of trafficking and at encouraging the public including the victims of trafficking themselves to report on instances of trafficking k To support allocation of the necessary resources as appropriate in cooperation with intergovernmental and non governmental organizations to strengthen preventive action in particular education for women and men as well as for girls and boys on the human rights of women and children gender equality self respect and mutual respect m To enhance information sharing and data collection capacities as a way of promoting cooperation to combat trafficking in persons including through the systematic collection of sex and age disaggregated data n 

To enhance cooperation with each other and with relevant intergovernmental and non governmental organizations to ensure effective prevention and countering of trafficking in people and to consider strengthening existing regional cooperation and mechanisms aimed at combating trafficking in persons or to establish such mechanisms where they do not exist o To consider signing and ratifying as a matter of priority in the case of Governments that have not yet done so and for States parties to implement relevant United Nations legal instruments such as the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and the Protocols thereto in particular the Protocol to Prevent Suppress and Punish Trafficking in 4 Persons Especially Women and Children supplementing the Convention and to take immediate steps to incorporate provisions of the Protocol into domestic legal systems 4 Calls upon all Governments to continue to cooperate with the Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons especially women and children and to consider responding favorably to requests to visit their countries and to provide all necessary information related to the mandate to enable the mandate holder to fulfill the duties of the mandate effectively and in this regard expresses its appreciation to the large number of Governments that provided responses to the initial questionnaire on trafficking developed by the Special Rapporteur

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