Essay Example on US Government has undergone difficulties in solving gun Violence









The current US Government has undergone difficulties in solving gun violence and it's becoming complicated every day The institution government officers and the public have faced challenges over the past years concerning the rapid growth of mass shooting in the country These groups of individuals with common goal fight every day to come up with the solution towards solving the matter positively In the past a high percentage of the population believed that gun violence only took place in the middle of the problem affects the individuals living in the outlying district and rural areas The epidemic has affected many educational institutions such as grade school high school schools in the midst of a city and campuses The Congressional Research Service reported an estimate of over seventy eight mass shooting revealed between 1983 and 2012 Bjelopera 2013 These dangerous occasions has resulted in at least 540 casualties and nearly 480 injured persons Nevertheless these violent shootings have been different over the duration of time and its evidence that this type of incidents has increased in the past five years and indicate a clear positive inclination each year since the 20th century 

In spite of the terrible and massive effects these shooting incidents are currently becoming part and parcel of the significant discussion on the amendment of the laws to solve the tragedy The government should consider allocating more resources and more energy put into solving the problem And I believe one significant way is the introduction of strict rules in gun control Thesis The Government can reduce the gun violation of its citizen by monitoring and control the supply of rounds of ammunition and apply strict rules on the ammunition clips The solution to this tragedy failed when the United States government lacked rules and regulation to govern the violation concerning guns and rounds of ammunition This problem affects most of the Americans and most of the citizen wants government intervention because it disturbs them when a mass shooting occurs and the government does nothing about it Solution to the gun violation is not easy However implementation of some measures can play a significant role in dealing with the gun violation The government can propose methods that will reduce some gun violation and protects the rights of individual owning guns The ease of accessing guns and ammunition contributes to the rise of gun violence in the United States Whether the firearm and ammo are acquired legally or illegally they are not always available to any person The assumption is that most individuals are either for gun control and the opposite is also exact and the majority of the politicians vote in the office careless about it and most of them finished their term in office without getting the solution 

Moreover some politicians support the right of the individual to own a gun and would argue the fact that these firearms and rounds of ammunition and clips are legal there is no violation of the law Ignorance of the gun laws has stimulated the increase in ownership of gun and ammunition in the United States The Government the nongovernmental organization need to protect the fundamental rights of the individuals and should ensure safety and conducive environment for all people Both the National government and communities should discuss the methods to be used to in protecting the rights of individuals concerning gun legislation In United States guns are valued and many feel entitled to ownership of such weapons Woefully this tragedy usually linked to devastating problems in the communities all over the country The majority who suffered are ones living areas which have high poverty rate hence difficulty in controlling the crimes The Media play a significant role in glorifying the use of firearms and they portray it as a way of self protection The media has failed in its directives of gun controls and people now pictured it as the only way for conflict resolution At the grassroots the majority are fearful and they use guns to defend themselves when they want a remedy for violence resolution especially when they want to respond to terrible events 

Most of the victims in the community are usually children and the youths and they may be forced to use a gun to solve their problems due to lack of nonviolent resolution skills Scholar Garbarino stated that exposure of an individual to gun violence amount to use of violence as a way of getting a solution for their problems Youths only feel safe and secure when they are in possession of weapons In spite of having guns children and teenagers remain among the unprotected individual from the violence in the midst of community The exposure to gun violence in the community affects the child development stages When children exposed to such event in life they may develop brain disorders and the result is a lifetime impact Likely due to gun violence children may suffer from lack of various skills According to researchers many children and young youths experience difficulties since they lack skills which they can apply while solving problems of violence These children and teenagers suffer stress and sometimes find it difficult to control their emotions as a result of exposure to recurring abuse and trauma Researchers also acknowledged that deficit in skills could lead to reduced learning capacity poor observation and children follow the lead of the people surrounding them Immediate environment influences the characters of a child therefore aggressive and violent environment will negatively affect children

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