Academic Writing US PRESIDENT VS UK PRIME MINISTER The United States President and United Kingdom Prime Minister are arguably the two most powerful elected leader in world But we want to know who really is the most powerful We are going to discuss and compare their powers So we are going to learn their similarities and differences between them Both the United States President and United Kingdom Prime Minister occupies a unique position not only in their respective political systems but also in the world as whole The United States President is elected for 4 years On the other hand UK Prime Minister is elected for 5 years The United States President cannot be removed before expiry of a period of 4 years unless impeached earlier by the Congress but is a very difficult and impracticable procedure Meanwhile United Kingdom Prime Minister depends for his term of office upon House of Commons The upcoming President he or she often starts with primary election The candidate who wins the most primary elections is formally presented as the party's candidate at a national convention

After the national conventions for each party candidates from all parties compete in a general convention Like a primary election a general election takes place in each state This all sounds strangely foreign to the British politician To gain a candidacy in the United Kingdom a person must prove themselves to the party first Once the candidates are chosen one will emerge as the party leader The party members vote on who will be their leader in a private selection before the general election This selection of party leader is important as it is traditionally the leader of the party that gains the most votes that will be named the prime minister The United States President is the head of the state as well as of the government But the United Kingdom Prime Minister is only the head of the government The President is not responsible to the legislature for his acts conducts and policies While the United Kingdom Prime Minister is answerable and accountable to the House of Commons Moreover United States President does not guide the course of legislation nor is he a member of the Congress The President is helpless if the majority is against him in the Congress On the other hand the United Kingdom Prime Minister is the leader of the House and actively participates in the proceedings for legislation The United Kingdom Prime Minister is always the leader of the majority party and can get the necessary legislation passed The President is the boss of his cabinet and the members of the cabinet are subordinate assistants They are mere advisers and the adviser only advise but the President makes decisions alone On the other hand the Prime Minister is only the head of his cabinet Since the cabinet includes the leading party members with considerable backing he cannot easily afford to ignore the advice of the cabinet 

Furthermore the President's powers of making appointments and conclusion of treaties with foreign states are shared by the Senate On the other hand all high appointments are made by the Prime Minister although formally they are made under the signature of the Monarch nor he is responsible for the conclusion of treaties with foreign states to anybody A United States President is limited by constitution to two four year terms in office whereas there is no limit to the time that a United Kingdom Prime Minister can serve in the office The United States President derives all his powers from the constitution of the USA While the United Kingdom Prime Minister derives his powers from constitutional conventions All powers are vested in United Kingdom Monarch and the Prime Minister is appointed only to aid and advise the Monarch We discussed their powers and compared them by their powers We showed you how their candidature starts and what they do to be the head of their states We talked about how they become Presidents respectively Prime Ministers We showed you what they can do and what they cannot

Furthermore we talked about their cabinets We showed you their strengths and weaknesses Then we talked about where they lack in powers or who has more powers than the other one In the end we showed you where their powers come from Now we let you to decide about which one is more powerful WORKS CITED https wonderopolis org wonder whats the difference between a prime minister and a president http www funkidslive com learn us uk slamdown difference us president vs uk prime minister https www differencebtw com difference between president and prime minister http www differencebetween com difference between president and vs prime minister http news bbc co uk cbbcnews hi find_out guides world us_presidency newsid_3717000 3717872 stm https study com academy lesson the us president vs britains prime minister role similarities differences html http www studylecturenotes com constitutional laws the american president vs the british prime minister

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