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Both Nicholas Carr and Clive Thompson agree that the use of internet technology and social media affect the way we think While Nicholas Carr is insistent that technology is continuously increasing its relevancy into our lives resulting in destroying our brains Thompson argues that there are enormous benefits that come from social interaction within the Internet He declares that social media gives users new ways learn and share information leading to more significant memory retention and the ability to remain connected to people wherever they are located While I agree with Thompson that social media allows us to stay connected to friends near or far technology like online media offers a vast variety of learning tools and it is up to any individual how they want to take advantage of these devices Clive Thompson and Nicholas Carr have two different perspectives however they both agree technology affects the way we think In the article Smarter than You Think How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better Thompson believes technology is positive that a computer is seen as an extension of our brain Unlike our minds computers can calculate an endless amount of information He believes that with each advancement we can create and harness new ways of thinking Meanwhile in Nicholas Carr s article entitled 

Is Google Making Us Stupid Carr argues the net is becoming a universal medium the conduit for most of the information that flows through my eyes and ears and into my mind pg 315 With each technological advancement results in a new set of rules for our mind to follow and with each improvement it hurts each user s mental state Carr says that it is what we learn from the message of the medium that can have the most significant effect on our brain The internet is an environment that creates a compulsory impulse to inquire information from others continually He argues if we are continuously dividing our attention then we cannot process data The more we rely on technology the harder it will be to work without it He believes that we need to make a significant effort to rebuild our working memory The working memory is taken part of our short and long term memory and combines them to formulate ideas and connect thoughts from both our past and present On the other hand Thompson argues the opposite People can use the internet to recover information and connect their thoughts with the assistance of the computer By using technology as a crutch we can solely rely on technology as a resource to pull out data as we need Thompson sees this as beneficial rather than destructive Our memory may get smaller but we can access data as we have never had before Our mind is left not as a storage device but as a machine that connects the data We can focus more on being thinkers and creators by not worrying about storing and remembering information in our heads Electronic media allows us to come together and network

Also it will enable us to expand our memory and resources One of the significant problems with having an overload of information on the internet and a computer is the struggle to filter out what a person needs and doesn t need Thompson argues that persistent online contact can help to build awareness for others and their thoughts and feelings This social thinking generates a collective environment that can help to create a bond between people and their profiles We find ourselves in need to belong to social media However Nicholas Carr is not incorrect with his idea of the decreasing attention span of individuals as a result of technology The popular social media platform to add to the diminishing attention span of the typical technology user I as a user of these platforms can feel my attention span diminishing I feel as though I am unable to focus on one task for a considerable amount of time without being distracted Furthermore Thompson neglects to respond to the addiction which stems from technology 

In today's society most individuals carry a smartphone or tablet with them at all times and have a constant need to be connected Those who take the devices for professional purposes feel higher stress levels because of the feeling that they always need to be able to complete urgent work Also technology causes a higher level of efficiency causing fatigue and overwhelming stress In addition Thompson uses language in which he can convince the reader that technology can work more positively Thompson s incorporation of the counter argument where he explains all the urges of procrastination and distractions that were present during the writing of the article carried his message Although he found himself distracted for an extended period he was able to recover directly because of availability search engine which he described to have given him temporary mental peace Thompson s opinion is all opposed to Nicholas Carr's article which seemed to prey on the fear of technological advancements Carr s article was very one sided and did not seem to offer a counter argument thus weakening much of what he was saying In Nicholas Carr s Is Google Making Us Stupid he discusses the negative effects of technology on cognition whereas in Clive Thompson s Smarter than You Think Thompson offers the overall positives of using technology as a tool in everyday life Technology while it may have its downfalls is a way for individuals to evolve With the influx of new technological advancements over the past decades we should not feel as though we are becoming Stupid

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