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Vaccines have always been a controversial topic but they are one of the most widespread and effective preventative measures for diseases Vaccinations are incredibly successful they save about six to nine million lives annually and at least three million of those lives are children When a popular disease is nearly eradicated many people forget about it out of sight out of mind but people not getting vaccinated is the number one reason why outbreaks recur It is our job it is the government's job and it is a parents job to make sure that kids are properly immunized so that these deadly diseases do not continue to spread and hurt men women and children all over the world Vaccinations should be made mandatory because they have many positive worldwide effects Data cannot be ignored and statistics show that the amount of people that vaccines benefit is incredibly immense According to an infographic created by the CDC it is estimated that from 2011 to 2020 vaccines will have prevented 23 3 million deaths globally If people all over the world use vaccines more regularly many diseases can be eradicated Effective vaccines protect people who have been immunized but they also indirectly protect those who aren t which is known as herd protection An example of this is in Gambia where about 70 of people were vaccinated against Hib a potentially deadly disease that babies and young children are most at risk for but it was enough to eliminate the disease in that area

These statistics prove that vaccines can prevent an entire country from contracting a disease that can cause lifelong disabilities or death Vaccine preventable disease outbreaks have dwindled because with every generation more people and kids get vaccinated in 2010 there were 219 523 cases of vaccine preventable diseases and in 2017 there was only 63 360 cases which is a 71 decrease Taking into consideration the amount of people that are saved by vaccines it only makes sense that children continue to be vaccinated on a regular basis Unvaccinated travelers are in part responsible for the spread and recurrence of vaccine preventable diseases Even though certain diseases aren t making people in the U S sick it doesn t mean that people in other parts of the world aren t contracting these diseases and suffering as a result When an unvaccinated person travels from a part of the world where a specific disease has been eliminated to a part of the world where that disease is prevalent the can bring the disease back with them and affect many more unvaccinated people When you travel while immunized you are putting yourself and others at higher risk of contracting a vaccine preventable disease When and if that disease is introduced to a new area that is likely to be affected by it many people can get the disease and it can spread internationally Imagine never having to worry about contracting a horrible disease until one day an unvaccinated traveler brings one back and infects almost everyone in your community That all could have been prevented had either party gotten immunized Travelers often spread and disperse various diseases while abroad this has happened in many instances such as with polio and a form of meningitis By abstaining from receiving vaccines before traveling you are putting so many people including yourself at risk

Some may say that allowing the government to intervene and make vaccines mandatory is unethical however they are just trying to protect the citizens of their country and people all over the world Without vaccines diseases like smallpox and polio would still be around killing millions of people and when a government makes sure that all of its citizens are vaccinated they are making sure that these diseases and many others don't come back In countries where these most vaccines are mandatory there are way fewer outbreaks and some countries don't have any outbreaks at all In Australia for example vaccines are not mandatory but if certain requirements are met at a certain age parents receive a sum of money Since the government does this most children in the country are vaccinated therefore Australia has way fewer outbreaks than most countries and less people people suffer as a result If the Australian government was to make vaccinations mandatory that number could go down to zero Additionally in the country Slovenia vaccines for nine different diseases are mandatory If there is a medical reason why a child can t receive a vaccine the parents must submit an application to a committee to abstain from receiving it but the committee won t accept applications for reasons such as religion or that someone simply doesn t believe in them If more countries make vaccines mandatory we can eliminate these diseases altogether In the end allowing governments to mandate vaccines is the smartest and safest option it is not unethical to save lives Vaccines should be made mandatory because they have many positive worldwide effects To start in under ten years vaccines will have saved over 20 million lives world wide Secondly unvaccinated travelers put many people at risk and by getting vaccines you can stop the spread of diseases Lastly mandating vaccines will stop so many people from suffering In conclusion making vaccines mandatory is the best option to ensure the safety of millions of people across the globe

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