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Human values or How to stop human degradation globally

How to stop human degradation globally. Contrary to what we may be tempted to think based on media reports humanity has numerous good things going for it. On the other hand, it is true that there is a degradation to be found in various aspects of our mentality, it would be dishonest not to acknowledge it. While nobody has a definite solution that would change us for the better, it is important that we take some simple measures into consideration. Everyone can improve as a person over time helping build a better world as a result. Any small contribution becomes a force to be reckoned with in numbers. Here are a few things that we should do in order to improve the world. 1 Switch the focus from the individual to our society. It has been a long habit for children to be taught an individualistic approach when it comes to life no matter how much importance is given to social activities when it comes to goals to follow, they are almost always focused on their own well being. People are taught from a young age that success means acquiring big personal gains be it financial romantic or professional. Children are encouraged to have a competitive sense one that can only be fed by doing better than others in life. This shifts the worldview to default selfishness as many begin to place themselves at the center of the universe. What we should train instead is the ability to think of others.

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