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Various authors has done great work regarding identification keys for mosquitoes The Monographs of Indian Anophelinae and Culicinae by Christropher 1933 and Barraud s Fauna of British India 1934 made a landmark in history of Indian subcontinent regarding studies on mosquito identification In 1974 Ramachandra Rao T published book The Anophelines of India which proved a good key analysis After that Bina Pani Das R Rajagopal J Akiyama 1990 gave 54 species key for Anophelines of India Wattar and Kalra 1961 published pictorial keys for various regions of India for identification of mosquitoes In 1994 Nagpal B N and Sharma V P published pictorial keys on Indian Anophelines The identification of adult Culex mosquito also done by The fauna of British India Barraud 1934 Catalogue of mosquitoes by Knight and Stone 1977 Monographs by Bram 1967 and Sirivanakaran 1976 Aedini is the largest tribe in family Culicidae whose classification is based on Edwards 1932 and Belkin 1962 keys Knight and Stone 1977 provided classification of Aedini which included 5 genera and 50 subgenera The species composition of mosquito varies depending on their geographical and ecological variations 

The first anopheline survey was done by Challam 1923 in Assam Various surveys were then carried out in other states such as Christopher 1925 Strickland 1929 Ramsay 1930 McDonald and Chowdhary 1931 in Calcutta Mortimer 1946 in Manipur Shortt 1924 and Rajagopal 1976 in Meghalaya Vishwanathan et al 1941 and Sarkar et al 1981 in Assam Sarkar et al 1980 in Nagaland Misra 1956 and Sen et al 1973 in Arunachal Pradesh Misra and Dhav 1955 in Tripura Dash A P Behrua D K Roy J R 1984 in Orissa Prakash A Bhattacharya D R Mohapatra P K Mahanta J 1998 in South Tripura district and Joshi et al 2005 in Thar desert Rajasthan To plan proper vector control strategy for management of mosquito population and disease transmission a detailed knowledge on species composition of mosquitoes of particular area seasonal variation in density of mosquitoes and above all population dynamics study is very essential Galindo et al 1955 studied breeding biology of mosquitoes in Panama Various studies have been carried out on distribution of population of mosquitoes and seasonal variations data in Uganda Corbet 1961 Brazil Dekruijf et al 1973 Nigeria Gadzama 1977 Southern Florida O Meara and Evans 1983 Indonesia 1989 China Zhou et al 1990 Kenya Muturi et al 2007 Thailand Rattanarithikul et al 1996 and Korea Shin et al 2005 T Ramachandra Rao 1967 studied density distribution and seasonal prevalence of Aedes aegypti in India and South east

Asia Pandya 1979 studies Aedes of Surat Gujarat Nagpal and Sharma made survey in north eastern region of India on 8 genera of mosquitoes in 1986 In 1991 S C Tewari and J Hiriyan described Aedes portonovoensis from South India 65 species of 8 tribes Aedes Armigeres Culex Heizmannia Orthopodomyia Tripteroides Toxorhynchites and Uranotaeina in Delhi were illustrated by Raminder Kaur in 1992 Andreadis and Morrison 1992 described the spatial distribution pattern of Aedes at Mt Carmel Connecticut from March to may 1990 Vythilingam et al 1993 collected a total of 40072 mosquitoes belonging to 35 species of 8 genera in Selangor Malaysia from May to June 1992 and from September to December 1992 Ramasamy et al 1994 reported human biting mosquitoes of Srilanka during October 1991 to April 1992 Zeze 1995 studied seasonal variations of Culex quinquefasciatus in Republic of Cote d Ivoire Shriram A N and Sehgal S C 1999 worked on larval ecology and distribution of Aedes aegypti in Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India Gleiser et al 1997 surveyed the larval pupal and adult stages of Aedes albifasciatus in Central Argentina Alten et al 2000 studied species composition and seasonal population dynamics of mosquitoes in Belek region of Turkey Campos and Lounibos

 1999 did bioassay studies and population dynamics studies on 3 species of Culex in Punta lara region of Buenos Aires Province Argentina Michael and Nutman 2000 reported the epidemiology of Lymphatic filariasis and population dynamics studies in Sylla et al 2000 investigated population studies on Mansonia Anopheles Aedes andCulex species in Bellevue and Jchad Germany S K Sharma and K K Hamzakoya 2001 studied Aedes aegypti and Anopheles stephensi in Arabian island of Lakshadweep in India Yadurappa Satishkumar et al 2004 studied mosquitoes in Rajiv Gandhi National Park in Karnataka Aedes mosquito of Goa were studied by P V M Mahadev P V Furmali and A C Mishra in 2004 R S Sharma S M Kaul and Jotna Sokhay 2005 studied Aedes aegypti in Delhi regarding to its seasonal fluctuations Hribar 2005 studied diversity of mosquito species in Florida from 2000 2004 Jagbir S Kirti and Jagdish kaur 2003 studied 21 species of 5 genera Aedes Anopheles Culex Armigeres and Mansonia from Haryana India N Pemola Devi and R K Jauhari 2004 studied habitat biodiversity of mosquitoes of Garhwal region Uttarakhand India and reported 5 genera with 34 species and also illustrated altitudinal distribution of mosquitoes Gautam Aditya et al 2006 reported 6 species belonging to 4 genera of mosquitoes in Darjeeling Himalaya

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