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What do you think about the game World Of Warcraft What about Overwatch Some people think They are wastes of time Some say it can be addicting But i think otherwise I think that video games can be helpful to anyone that might be stuck inside or people that have a disease that makes getting new friends hard So I say that some but not all video games can be educational creatively physical or imaginatively engaging but Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games can be These kinds of games always make you create an avatar This can show hidden fantasies that you did not know you had The game The Sims has you go around town and do different activities This can show you hidden talents and interests In another game called Second Life teens can go around and hang out with their friends and adults can enjoy nightly activities for adults Some college professors setup meets in these games and their students can attend them or they can just study at each other's houses All of the 10 1 Million people who play World Of Warcraft have the ability to set their own paths and can play at their own pace They can also make their own choices without societies judgement pushed upon them in games like The Sims These games also are based in a care free world You can't break a leg while your skateboarding in a game and if you are driving you don't have to worry about crashing and getting hurt MMORPG s also can have beneficial effects on the mentally challenged or mildly autistic people People who have disabilities like stuttering can talk to people without embarrassment by using the in game chat box People who are stuck inside can explore dimensions only books and movies brought us before Video games in general can help improve the brains speed coordination and memory Games can also improve your multitasking skills by putting you in situations where you have to monitor your stats in order to stay alive Video games can form bonds between people who live thousands of miles away from each other People who play games competitively like just as an example 

Overwatch I play Overwatch in a competitive aspect and i once got three or four people who were from china in a lobby This means if you have the funds time you can go to that country and actually see the people who you play with Most people won't do this but you can do it People Who play online video games can also build team skills by using a microphone to speak with the other players in the lobby Games also have a single player mode in which you can practice just executing actions based on your own judgement critical thinking If you get into a team of players that just play one game you can form a bond with them People who play game professionally can also make a living doing that Some pro gamers in 2013 made around 400 000 dollars per year Some gaming teams even live with each other just to get more practice and form better bonds People who professionally game can make a living doing what they love like youtubers PC Engineers and Musicians do Video games can be very healthy for your brain by causing it to grow new neurons they help with making connections in the brain Which can help you come up with strategies based on where the opponent is or where they are coming from Some puzzle games can even slow the natural decay of your brain cells due to natural aging Some video games can also be a mild pain reliever and can relieve stress by putting you into a virtual reality where you can be and do anything you want

Video games are used to help improve physical health Playing video games does not mean sitting on the couch all day New video games involve different types of movement in the game By turning game systems into exercise people could play games all day but burn calories at the same time Schools have involved video games into part of their physical education program Children's waistlines have gone down by inches because they played video games in gym class In some gym classes the machines teach things like balance timing and coordination A good example of exercising video games is the Nintendo Wii Though many people see the negatives in playing video games there are positives An analysis in 2013 decided that the skill improvements that resulted from playing video games that involved elements of shooting have the equivalence of the effects of high school and college courses targeted at improving these same skills How will this change the classroom Even with games like The Sims 3 the players must build a virtual life for themselves from the ground up Essentially the avatar or virtual character has to socialize learn new skills to obtain a job and buy a home along with finding a husband wife and friends and have possible kids in the Sims games you don't always have to find a spouse Even though this is a virtual world it still builds on social skills as well as becoming a common interest to kids outside the game and that in turn helps build friendships

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