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Villains are characters created simply to cause conflict within a story When the word villain is mentioned we think of the jealous stepmother of Snow White or Magneto from the Marvel X Man comics These villains exist to have one purpose and that is to make the heroes of the story achieve greatness However in this novel Ender s Game by Orson Scott Card there are multiple villains One could say that the buggers were the villains others may say Colonel Graff was the villain There are supposedly multiple villains in this story but one seems to stick out that is unlike the other ones This is Peter Wiggin the main character Ender Wiggin s brother But what makes him so unique This story starts off with Ender Wiggin having his sensor removed This sensor was a device that allowed the government to watch Ender s every move When he returned home he was only subject to his brother s torture Well now your guardian angels aren t watching over you 8 When Peter realizes he is now able to torment Ender with physical force he does not skip a beat This attitude towards Ender could possibly stem from feeling resented by the government because they did not want him He bottled up his anger so much that even when Ender s sensor had been removed he continued to attack him anyway

They played a game where Ender was a bugger a bad guy and Peter was an astronaut a good guy I could kill you like this 9 when Peter taunted Ender saying that he would kill him shows us how he was so angry homicide was a valid option on his mind even to his own brother Peter loathed Ender so much he thought that death was the only outlet for his anger This is only the beginning of how Card shows Peter s true self Though Ender is sent off to the Battle School in space the author switches to Valentine s perspective in the book these perspectives change through the novel But Valentine knew She had seen a squirrel half skinned spiked by its little hands and feet with twigs pushed into the dirt 88 Valentine discovered that Peter had been skinning squirrels for his personal enjoyment This shows how twisted Peter really is and the fact he lured the squirrel with food before skinning it shows how psychotic he is Peter is such an oddly complex character with so much wrong with him it is pretty much impossible to pinpoint what caused him to act this cruelly Perhaps he was born with it The officials did mention that they could not have Peter in Ender's situation simply because he was too intense or insane I ve been deciding said Peter whether to kill you or what 89 the brutality in such simple words shows how disturbed Peter is which explains why the officials viewed him as a reject into their Battle School His insanity enhanced the plot so uniquely his cruel demeanor was very interesting Another reason why Peter was such an interesting villain was because he had such a strong thirst for power He begged Valentine to join him in creating two political personas to engage in an adult discussion on the issues the world faced Peter you re twelve years old I m ten They have a word for people our age 

They call us children and they treat us like mice p 91 This quote from Valentine explains the world they live in where children are powerless Peter wanted to do something about this Peter did this for one reason and that was to gain power and respect Val we can say the words that everyone else will be saying two weeks later We can do that We don't have to wait until we're grown up and safely put away in some career 92 Peter anxiously explains to Valentine how he really wants to be included in this political business how he cannot stand being treated as a child who adults assume know nothing because they are so young He wants to take over the world but first he had to hide behind the pseudonyms Locke and Demosthenes him being Locke and Valentine being Demosthenes Valentine was manipulated by Peter into following him explaining that this was the only way adults would ever take them seriously Eventually he ended up leading the Hegemon a powerful governing force that basically gave him the rights to lead the entire world Peter's intricate personality made the book interesting and truly shaped the person Ender was as a whole It was Peter with blood dripping down his chin and a snake's tail protruding from a corner of his mouth 84 Peter's face haunted

Ender throughout his time at the Battle School Peter has left a permanent scar in Ender's mind and challenged him to better himself so he would not end up like his ruthless brother Because of this it gave Ender something to fight for or rather against I didn't want to kill them all I didn't want to kill anybody I’m not a killer 208 Ender always regretted his decisions repeating that he was slowly becoming more and more like Peter and he hated it Because as he said Ender never wanted to kill anyone But Peter did To conclude Peter was an important villain in this story who shaped Ender to be the character he was Indirectly he forced Ender to better himself to save the lives of many to defeat the buggers which Ender later regrets Peter was an obvious sociopath manipulative and egocentric Peter impacted this story greatly though not completely directly He was unique in the fact that his personality was so very intricate and disturbed making him a great addition to this stunning novel

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