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Model of psychological rehabilitation involves three Steps

O Connor et al s 2005 model of psychological rehabilitation involves three steps denial distress and determined coping In relation to the dancer's injury the final step of determined coping presents itself as most relevant as the dancer began to cope with their situation Frustrations were managed through the use of goal setting which Weinberg 2009 suggests enables the development of motivation and responsibility and helps to determine a process which allows for optimal recovery This enabled the dancer to overcome disappointment which lead to progressing back to a positive mindset and regaining the focus of injury recovery This model has a connection with Ryan and Deci s 2000 theory concerning motivation whereby regulated types of behaviour and the associated attributes have been linked to level of motivation For example integrated regulation is concerned with individual decisions regarding personal demands and with the dancer s personal dance injury this was apparent as they wanted to return to dancing because it is part of their lifestyle

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A dream to become an engineer Connection

A dream to become an engineer connection that links me to find out a solution for the ease and comfort of humans satisfaction addressing the technology and to be part of this has forced me to chose mechanical engineering as my bachelor studies Opportunity to pursue master s program in mechanical engineering and acquiring a comprehensive knowledge of designing and production will shape me as a better engineer A quest for knowledge urge to learn and explore a desire to witness the growing technological world and contributing to the development has led me to the world of engineering It is true that nurturing with curiosity one can transform from fascination to their excellent goals My under graduation has exposed me to the diverse subject in mathematics physical science Engineering and management Mechanics of Machine Thermodynamics Fluid Engineering Material Science and Metallurgy Manufacturing Processes Hydraulics and Pneumatics and Design of Machine have provided the firm foundation of basic principles of mechanical engineering for advanced study Utilizing my knowledge to realize the application I had worked on a number of group projects Presenting the case study has boosted up my level of confidence and analytical skills along with the fluent mode of communication

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