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Verrucae Vulgaris and Warts treatment methods compared on medical trials

There two main types of verrucae vulgaris and Plantaris both types share the same pathogenesis as both are caused by the Human Papillomavirus HPV. The HPV enters the body via any small opening. Once the parasite is in the tropism of the cell the viral DNA is released penetrating the host cells membrane traveling to the nucleus of the host cell. Reverse transcriptase an enzyme that converts the viral RNA into DNA enables conversion of host cell DNA that now produces viral antigens thus continuing replication of abnormal cells. The genetic material is released in the basal layer which then travels and the actual replication procedure occurs in the spinosum layer and gathering of viral cells in the granular layer, hence it moves from deepest to superficial layer the attack is on the deepest layer of the epidermis is because cells are still alive and can still replicate to cause a tumor. Two different proteins assist the complete takeover of squamous cells early E1 E7 and late L1and L2 proteins their birth is controlled by 7 9 codons determined by subtypes E1 E7 activate the gene in the DNA for replication.
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