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Cancer Treatment Methodology Research Essay

Treatment. The main aim of the treatment is to get the blood counts back to normal. If this is achieved and the bone marrow looks healthy under the microscope the cancer is said to be in remission i.e the absence of any detectable cancer cells in the body. Over the past decade's effective treatments for acute lymphoblastic leukemia have been developed, hence survival rates have increased. There are many treatments available for ALL including steroids, chemotherapy, radiation, therapy, stem cell or bone marrow transplants etc www mountsinai org 37. Chemotherapy is the first treatment of choice with a goal of achieving a remission. There are three stages in chemotherapy. A remission induction, B intensification, and C maintenance therapy. A Remission Induction. The major goals are 1 Rapidly kill all the tumor cells and restore normal hematopoiesis, 2 Reduce blast cells in the bone marrow to 5 and eliminate tumor cells from blood, 3 Cause absence of other symptoms of the disease. The following drugs are used in combination steroids like dexamethasone, vincristine, asparaginase etc Hoffbrand et al 2013 38. B Intensification High doses of chemotherapy is helpful in removing the tumor burden.

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Parkinson's disease. Bright Light Therapy treatment

Parkinson's disease. PD is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimer's disease and affects more than 1% of the elderly population worldwide. Aarsland Påhlhagen Ballard Ehrt Svenningsson 2012. PD is a neuropsychiatric disorder characterized by the cardinal signs of rigidity bradykinesia and tremor. Although motor features define the disorder various non-motor features are typically seen including sleep disturbances, anxiety, and depression. Recent studies have proposed that non-motor complications often carry a greater impact than motor features in PD their recognition is often the key to the successful treatment of a Parkinson patient Simuni Sethi 2008. The core of PD management is symptomatic treatment with drugs, however, long term treatment of this array of symptoms with various drugs causes the occurrence of adverse short and long term side effects such as dyskinesia and psychosis Kalia Lang 2015. These side effects reflect the importance of implementing non-invasive treatments to reduce the total daily dose of dopamine replacement Willis Moore Armstrong 2012. On this basis, bright light therapy BLT has been proposed as the treatment of choice for seasonal affective disorder and was also shown to be effective in the improvement of depression, anxiety, insomnia and the motor symptoms associated with PD Willis Turner 2007. Despite the established therapeutic potential of BLT in seasonal depression and potential usefulness across a wide array of applications considerably less is known about the efficacy of BLT in treating both non-motor and motor symptoms in more advanced patients the side effects and tolerability of BLT in populations with PD. Thus this may restrict the depth of understanding of the efficacy of BLT in patients with PD.

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Nursing Assistants. A nursing associate gives essential care to patients while working individually with an LPN, LVN or RN

Nursing Assistants. A nursing associate gives essential care to patients while working individually with an LPN, LVN or RN. These critical care exercises additionally, alluded to as exercises of everyday living can incorporate helping with washing and dressing inhabitants, helping occupants with suppers either serving them or with encouraging exchanging to and from the bed or wheelchair, preparing and cleaning beds, assisting with toileting and noting call lights. Preparing to end up noticeably nursing helping hand is offered at some secondary schools and also at specialized professional schools junior colleges and nursing homes. These projects usually are three months to one year large contingent upon the program. Nursing collaborators are then recorded on the state human services registry Reynolds 2013. Nursing colleague's titles can go from home to home, the activity titles incorporate Certified Nursing Assistants CNA’s nursing helpers parental figures, persistent care partners and patient care specialists. Recreational staff. Recreational staff more often than exclude a movement chief and perhaps action associates relying upon the extent of the nursing home. The chief action employment requires a partner degree or a four-year college education and takes into consideration promote confirmations through the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation. Exercises are arranged that means to meet every inhabitant's enthusiastic scholarly physical social profound and professional needs. The progress from being free to depend on others and be far from home is as a rule exceptionally troublesome which is the reason exercises are critical to battle wretchedness and uneasiness Chown 2014. Volunteer inclusion is additionally an essential piece of nursing home exercises given that volunteers can go about as a connection between the nursing home and the outside group.

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DNA Single-Strand Breaks Repair.

Single strand breaks SSBs encompass the disintegration of a single nucleotide and damaged 5 and or 3 termini. 9 Typical sources of SSBs include spontaneous hydrolysis leading to the formation of basic or apurinic apyrimidinic AP sites and further hydrolysis and oxidative damage by endogenous reactive oxygen species. ROS and ionizing radiation 10 SSBs can also be generated as intermediates of Endonuclease VIII like NEIL mediated BER and they can also arise as a result of chemical inhibition of cellular enzymes such as Top I 2 11 15. IR and free radicals generate two primary end groups at the 3 termini phosphate and phosphoglycolate whereas the primary end group at the 5 ends is phosphate 16. On the other hand damage by Top I inhibitors generate 3 phosphate and 5 OH termini. The removal of damaged bases by DNA glycosylases that possess an AP lyase activity generates 3 phosphate and 5 phosphate termini. 16 SSBs are considered a serious threat to genetic stability and cell survival If not repaired rapidly. Moreover, SSBs occur at a substantially higher frequency than double-strand breaks DSBs 17.

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Verrucae Vulgaris and Warts treatment methods compared on medical trials

There two main types of verrucae vulgaris and Plantaris both types share the same pathogenesis as both are caused by the Human Papillomavirus HPV. The HPV enters the body via any small opening. Once the parasite is in the tropism of the cell the viral DNA is released penetrating the host cells membrane traveling to the nucleus of the host cell. Reverse transcriptase an enzyme that converts the viral RNA into DNA enables conversion of host cell DNA that now produces viral antigens thus continuing replication of abnormal cells. The genetic material is released in the basal layer which then travels and the actual replication procedure occurs in the spinosum layer and gathering of viral cells in the granular layer, hence it moves from deepest to superficial layer the attack is on the deepest layer of the epidermis is because cells are still alive and can still replicate to cause a tumor. Two different proteins assist the complete takeover of squamous cells early E1 E7 and late L1and L2 proteins their birth is controlled by 7 9 codons determined by subtypes E1 E7 activate the gene in the DNA for replication.
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