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Introduction Water shortage is the lack of adequate available water resources to deal with the demands of water a country More specifically it is serious problem many counties are face today Due to the water shortage in the world create health problem make world hunger increase poverty which is not beneficial for human and environment People may encounter significant causes which can last for different periods of time and are dependent on many factors as well as the ability to cope in the world Then identifying of these factors and trying to reduce water scarcity problems The role of this report is to investigate the causes of water shortage globally and suggest possible solutions to these First part this report explains two important causes associated with water shortage which are pollution and climate change Second part the report makes purpose that water recycling is a potential solution for water pollution and desalination plants are the significant solution of climate change Final part the report concludes by proposing recommendations which governments and industries can adopt in order to manage need to increasing water saving technologies and lessen the phenomenon of water shortage around the world total words 195 2 Causes of water shortage Two main causes of water scarcity around the world are water pollution and climate change While major world face is facing this problems the effects can seriously impact not only for human but also create problems for environment 2 1 Water pollution 

There are many areas of the world suffering from water shortage cause of pollution It is the contamination of water lakes rivers oceans and groundwater very often by human act ivies such as industrial waste and agriculture pesticide or other wastage Firstly water pollution cause by industrial activities like they are thrown chemical materials metal paints and so on in oceans rivers lakes and pollute the water Only China more than twenty five billion tons of unfiltered toxic waste thrown into water resources such as river sea and so on in a single year Curry 2010 p 108 In addition author reports that developing countries are ill equipped for the design and implement sufficient regulation to control wastewater and pollution because of surveillance or lack of funding are numerous examples of contaminated water use of irrigation or municipal water sources is being dumped directly Fiberg cited in Vasudevan et al 2014 p 98 notes that Cadmium is considered highly toxic and therefore the amount of its permissiveness in water is limited to 5 10 ppb parts per billion In addition author reports that in recent years cadmium has become the main environmental concerns due to its presentation of natural water reservoirs Cadmium is the main source of contamination the CD Battery product which cannot be treated can provide both cadmium and nickel for groundwater in the aqueous Due to waste disposal or uncontrolled lead disposal Battery 

Therefore the general and electrochemistry industries responsible for water pollution Secondly water pollution also cause by agriculture activates Perhaps the biggest hazard in controlling the quantity of pesticides used in agriculture arises from deficiency norms Feed a fast expansive population pesticide use has increased six hundred percent in the last 50 years Clay pesticides contract water supply around the water Without proper rules to control their use and application pesticides can strip whole water resources indefinitely Curry 2010 p 108 The above evidence highlights the importance of identifying the symptoms of water pollution which is damage the ecosystem In brief shortage of water can cause by water pollution as a result it can damage environment 2 2 Climate change Climate change is another significant reason for water shortage It is promote by global warming changeable weather pattern which affect on rain The first unexpected weather patterns which often produces drought only gets worse in rare countries Curry 2010 p 109 Additionally author reports that the effects of global warming when areas are increasing in the rain Water scarcity continues to reduce the rainfall in needy areas Dry areas face long term effects of global warming but no nation will immobilize and estimates suggest that climate change will increase the water shortage around the world by twenty percent Curry 2010 p 109

 As a result the effects of climate change will also increase the water temperature change water quality and decrease rain The second rainfall is also depend on climate change Indeed research conducted in Jorden found that total rainfall was 9304 mm3 millimeter in year 2004 and 2005 and about 93 9 evaporates so only 3 9 of the rain is infiltrates for Jorden to recharge groundwater Haddadin et al 2010 p 198 For example The Arabian peninsula is one of the region every year dry climate with an average rainfall of less than 200 mm very high evaporation rate 2 3rd year per year a underground water recharge rate which is 4 of total annual water is used and there is no reliable perennial surface water resource hence its arid climate and water scarcity intensity Odhiambo 2017 p 2487 Therefore rainfall is depend on climate change and above evidence shows that when time is passing rainfall is decreasing In conclusion the global warming greenhouse effects are affect on climate change If climate change is unbalance than decrease rainfall and cause water scarcity Total word 671 3 Solutions of water shortage The problems of water pollution and climate change may be reduced by support from water recycling and desalination 3 1 Water recycle Water pollution may be dealt with

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