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Personal Statement We have seen a tremendous increase in the use of predictive analytics artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions in numerous industries like healthcare automotive finance which have not only revisited the way we look at the demand supply curves but also helped to predict the market trends I am particularly interested in coupling the role of big data machine learning and large scale analytics in the applications of healthcare smart environments and telecommunications on which Professor Haimonti Dutta is conducting research at The State University of New York at Buffalo The course Management Information Systems holds a promise to equip me with the requisite skills Armed with the skills and knowledge acquired in my Masters I aim to take up a job in the analytics domain in a leading global organization where I will work on further enhancing my proficiency and expertise in the field with time I will expand my horizons upgrading to latest technologies possessing exclusive skill sets both technical and business a desirable entity Having garnered holistic knowledge I plan to move on to entrepreneurship heading my own startup in India My dream is to build something that can make life easier providing industry based solutions touching a billion lives Bachelors in Telecommunication Engineering from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology has imparted to me substantial and in depth knowledge on Networks Communications Data Security and Information 

Systems with underlying algorithms and programming concepts through the subjects namely Computer Communication Networks Artificial Neural Networks Error Control Coding Data Structures An opportunity to intern at Indian Space Research Organization ISRO after my 4th semester exposed me to the design and development of various sensors and transducers used during liquid and cryogenic propulsion for launch vehicles and satellites I analyzed the data from sensors performed calibration process involved in troubleshooting issues and developed algorithms for Data Simulation This opportunity introduced me to the professional environment and served as a great platform to learn team coordination improve programming skills and effectively perform my roles and responsibilities My final year project Smart home design based on ZigBee IEEE 802 15 4 Wireless Sensor Network for elderly and disabled people was designed to help the differently abled perform their regular activities effortlessly through verbal commands alleviating dependency on others I was awarded the highest grade and the project was selected for presentation in project exhibition and got media recognition as well A well rounded personality I have won several awards for singing and theatre and participated in quiz contests I was class representative and the Coordinator for tech fests in college

As part of a local orphanage Jeevitha Anathashrama I teach songs to kids and donate articles they need Starting my career at Ericsson a global leader in telecommunications I got the opportunity to work on various modules such as Network Inventory Management where I developed parsers in Java and Python and wrote scripts in SQL to parse the data from customer data sources and store it in the Inventory database Additionally I also developed B2B framework to integrate customer systems with Ericsson s Incident Management system the key role I played here was to gather the requirements from the global customers prepare a high level solution analyze and sort the data and develop and enhance the functionalities to cater to the requirements of the customer Next module is Service Quality management SQM which is used to ensure service assurance to the customers by monitoring near real time end to end service level view of customer impacting events based on network counter data such as fault performance trouble tickets related to client networks 

Here I worked on building service model for Managed Customer Service Product delivery chain and built integrations to customer data sources and generated reports using Teradata SQL scripts This experience in data management at the company has further intensified my penchant towards Management Information Systems In addition to the enthralling work experience I have gained I have also learnt some analytics concepts through open online courses namely SAS programming basic statistical concepts and analytical models such as data exploration and preparation linear regression logistic regression and decision tree using SAS and applied these in few case studies such as business statistics of an e commerce retailer and built regression model to predict car prices as a function of its attributes

At The State University of New York at Buffalo I seek admission in Management Information Systems with a desire to acquire specialized knowledge in Predictive Analytics Web Analytics and Machine Learning A combination of business and technology which will help me interpret the workflow process and cognizance entailed in the industry better Professor Dutta s research on Development of Distributed Algorithms for Incremental Sensing and Communication has spurred my avidity and I look forward to work under her and contribute towards the project The great research facilities excellent faculty and the flexible curriculum draw me to University at Buffalo The range of electives is diverse which shall help me align my coursework in the domain of my interest analytics I would also go that extra mile in pursuing assisting the ongoing research in analytics playing a small part in moving the already excellent research into a groundbreaking one I now look forward to take up new challenges and broaden my skill sets proving myself to be a world class technocrat with an enduring and successful career I am confident that I have the drive the passion and the maturity to progress in my journey and make a positive difference to the world

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