Essay Example on We were set a project in which we had to be in groups of Five









Group Formation We were set a project in which we had to be in groups of five This was our first assessment at the time therefore everyone introduce himself herself to others We all agreed on a team leader and exchanged numbers so we can communicate with each other easily about the project Everyone shared their ideas on the project so we had a clear understanding and a brief view of it Organization of Work The first step we took was to organise the work so we can complete the task on time Every team member was given a role in which they took responsibility to do and we would have a group meeting if anyone needed help This helped everyone in the group have a brief view of all the work we had to be done This made our group communication very strong which helped to build confidence in the group Managing the group To have a good group with the basis of being effective and consistent The management of the team must be in professional manner and agreed upon as various decisions would be made during the project process Therefore we all should be treated fairly and respectfully Contribution Everyone's ideas were heard during the planning process We would think about many ideas and come to a conclusion on one final idea after we plan it in detail this helped us dramatically throughout the process Leadership 

Having a leader in the group helped us to stay focus and always made sure that we were on the right track to achieve our set target to the best of our ability in a positive atmosphere Similarly the leader also encouraged every one s contributions and made a set plan on when the work must be done from the beginning of the project till the end This helped everyone to stay focus and self assured within the group Problems Struggling If one of the team member had difficulty in task given we would do a group meeting this would depend on our schedule this however made the work delayed therefore the person in charge of that task had less time in completing it to the highest of their standard Carried away Sometimes in a group we would get carried away with other conversations which made us delay our work Struggling When producing the hotel cash flow no one in the group had experience in doing cash flows therefore it took longer that thought as we all tried to help to figure it out Furthermore whilst doing this presentation and working in a group I learnt a lot of new things such as working in a group with such strong characters helped me to improve my communications skills dramatically which would help me in future group work as well as my daily work life In addition I learnt how to create a spreadsheet of the cash flow for the hotel I struggled at first however my team members helped me understand as well as I done some research which helped me able to complete it to the best of my ability The strengths in these tasks was that the group I was working with had good communication skills and had good knowledge of what we had to do which helped us achieve our deadlines easily on time Another strength was that our group had practised the presentation together to build confidence in the group What I'd do differently in the future is I d practice my speaking skills in order to be more confident when speaking to an audience this will help me as I will most likely be asked to speak to an audience in the future 

Another thing I learnt I would do is organise my time differently so that my work is submitted a few days earlier than the deadline instead of having to rush it this would help me be more prepared and confident I identified learning needs such as I need to make more effective and relevant decisions in the group I should become more of a leader than a contributor as it will help me in the future when I m as to lead tasks in other groups I also need to plan my time carefully so that I can meet all my deadlines at the right time not just for one of my tasks but all of them I would address these learning needs as in the future of my course I will evaluate all my skills and review everything I do so that I become more confident in my work I will also make sure I set myself goals and targets and look at them regularly so I don t make some of the mistakes I made whilst doing my presentation I felt confident working with my group as they viewed my opinions and helped me but I was little less confident when I was presenting because I m not used to doing them hopefully the more I do presentations it will give me more confidence Furthermore I was confident with the work I produced and the research I done on the hotel I was particularly happy with the vision and mission statement I wrote as I believed that it was the key to draw potential customers to the hotel To conclude overall I think that the presentation went well and I was happy with the outcome If I was to do it again I would implement my targets that I just pointed out and make sure that I wouldn t make the mistakes of meeting my deadlines earlier than the submission date I would also be a leader in the group so that in the future this helps me to learn how to be more in control

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