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Weakness is a disease caused by division and the only cure is to unite for strength Strength in a harsh environment can be found in numbers and within those numbers bonds between people can form from compassion In the novel A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini a mother daughter bond formed between Mariam and Laila whilst in the grasp of their abusive husband Rasheed Compassion being the main foundation of the relationship caused Mariam and Laila to reveal their strength as people Exposure to a harsh environment causes strong bonds to form stemmed from compassion ultimately revealing strength in a person When Laila births Aziza Rasheed is displeased with her because Aziza is not a boy Rasheed refuses to be involved with the baby and will not buy Laila clothes for the baby Despite Rasheed s disapproval Laila is in love with Aziza Laila and Rasheed s channels his anger about the baby and begins an argument because Laila refuses to have sex with Rasheed Rasheed blames the incident on Mariam As Rasheed prepares to strike Mariam with his belt Laila does the unthinkable The girl lunged at him She grabbed his arm with both hands and tried to drag him down but she could do no more than dangle from it

She did succeed in slowing Rasheed s progress towards Mariam They struggled like this the girl kept hanging on pleading Rasheed trying to shake her off keeping her eyes on Mariam who was too stunned to do anything Hosseini 241 This is a milestone in Mariam and Laila s relationship Laila sacrificed what she wanted to spare Mariam This is the foundation of their mother daughter relationship The bond being established between Mariam and Laila based on compassion allowed Laila to find the strength in herself to stand up to Rasheed Once she saw that Mariam s life was threatened with compassion Laila protected her just like a daughter would do for her mother If Laila was without compassion she would allow Rasheed to beat Mariam senselessly After Laila saves Mariam from Rasheed s wrath they begin to share chores around the house They become closer by sharing each other s stories Mariam talks about her life before Rasheed and Laila explains that Aziza is Tariq s baby Mariam and Laila are desperate to leave the abusive environment that is Rasheed so they plan to escape Laila and Mariam are willing to do anything to escape Laila offers to pawn her wedding ring and they trust a man just by his eyes Laila and Mariam are caught as they are walking into the bus The officer brings Laila into questioning and says You do realize hamshira that it is a crime for a woman to run away We see a lot of it Women traveling alone claiming their husbands have died Sometimes they're telling the truth most times not You can be imprisoned for running away I assume you understand that nay Hosseini 265 266 Laila goes on to beg the officer to spare her and Mariam The officer does not give in to Laila s wishes and sends them home where Rasheed brutally beats them Laila knew the law when she but the bond Mariam and Laila have created allow them to find strength in themselves to escape Mariam loves Laila like her own and she knows she must go to protect Laila because she is not ready to let Laila go Laila not ready to lose Mariam does all she can when being interviewed by the police to protect Mariam and herself so they are able to escape Even after escaping and threatened with her life Laila continues to put herself at risk Laila finds out that Tariq is not dead causing the love for him to reignite Laila invites Tariq into her home without Rasheed s permission

Then meaning no harm Zalmai tells Rasheed that Laila has a new friend at dinner With this new found knowledge Rasheed turns barbaric He begins beating Laila over and over with a belt But this beating was different because this time Laila and Mariam knew Rasheed meant to kill them While Rasheed is strangling Laila Mariam goes out to the toolshed and grabs the shovel She hits Rasheed once and then prepared to once more the author says She turned it so the sharp edge was vertical and as she did it occurred to her that this was the first time that she was deciding the course of her own life And with that Mariam brought down the shovel This time she gave it everything she had Hosseini 349 Mariam and Laila have created a bond that has no bounds The person Mariam loves most has been threatened and if she does not give it all she has Rasheed will kill them both Mariam puts her life on the line for Laila this puts her in the role of a mother Mariam is willing to do anything for Laila even murdering Rasheed Her motherly role is born from love Mariam feels for Laila Even after Rasheed s death Mariam tends to Laila as if she was her mother Mariam also acts like a mother when she sacrifices the rest of her life for Laila and the children by deciding to stay behind and turn herself in The mother daughter bond gave Mariam the strength she never thought she had Mariam and Laila were able to find strength through their bond An intolerable situation to outsiders became tolerable because of their compassion for each other and the sacrifices they made Mariam and Laila s strength were shown when Laila sacrificed herself to save Mariam when they sacrifice their lives to escape and when Mariam sacrificed herself to save Laila The strength of a person is revealed when bonds are created formed by compassion while exposed to a harsh environment

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